The formula is proven as shown through countless platinum and gold album sales. Joe Thomas known affectionately as JOE, once again delivers on his second indie-release entitled “Signature; continuing to capture and redefine a style of sound and musical presentation audiences have come to recognize as JOE’s very own. This go round, JOE covers new ground incorporating live instrumentations with strings and horns intricately woven to add additional texture to his balladeering style. On the music scene for over ten years, JOE is considered a hometown favorite; that “guy next door”, whom everyone feels a personal knowing; as he writes songs that speak to the core of every relationship. As a musician, songwriter and today as a label executive, Joe stands "firm in delivering audiences his style…his “Signature”.

Never falling short with his classic melodic style that lingers in our subconscious minds; penetrating our thoughts as never-ending sound waves. “Signature” is the second release from 563 Entertainment/Kedar Entertainment Group, and as label partner and executive Kedar Massenburg notes, “JOE’s unique style and signature elevates; I’m still amazed at how JOE consistently brings it on each recording, giving exactly what you know him for.”

True to form, this is JOE; and “Signature” is a true representation of his style, as one of a kind, his rhythms are coming from the core of his music repertoire. On the debut single “Majic”, JOE comes with a classic groove, but stylized to perfection, with a rhythmic #ow only JOE can do effortlessly. Adding to the collection of sound, JOE created musical layers to help accompany the vocal arrangements on the “Signature” album, which is different from past recording; as he incorporates musicians who are able to capture a higher level of instrumentation that can only be achieved in live recordings. None of which can be missed in songs like “Worst Case Scenario”, “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Friends Don’t Let Friends”, where JOE details the delicacy of needing a friend as a lover just for the night, as the horns play ever so softly underneath.

Pulling from legendary musical influences, JOE provides listeners with stability of sound, something missing in the fast technological world of music. JOE is able to consider his sources and provides comfort and ease for listeners to feel confident in what they love. JOE presents a style untouched or tainted…only enhanced and delivered in his own classic “Signature”.