This man is a true vocalist, reminiscent of the great, Mr. Teddy Pendergrass. His name is Jaheim.

Jaheim has released three albums over the past five years. His 2001 platinum debut, “Ghetto Love”, 2002’s platinum, sophomore album, “Still Ghetto” and in 2006, he released “Ghetto Classics” which went Gold.

He now returns with his latest project, “The Makings of a Man” on Atlantic Records. Jaheim Hoagland hails from New Brunswick, New Jersey and was raised in the city’s Memorial Parkway Homes public housing project. Orphaned at 16, he had to take care of his two younger brothers. The pressure of that responsibility along with mixing with the wrong crowds lead him to incarceration.

However, he turned his life around upon release and vowed to help children who are in a similar situation. In 2005, he established the Urban Dreams Foundation; a youth outreach initiative that also builds affordable housing in the Newark, NJ area. The new album, “Makings of a Man” reflects a significant change in Jaheim. He has adopted a new lifestyle through eating healthy and exercise. He also purchased his first home and admits he is in love. That’s what the new hit single, “Never” is about. Finding the love that you didn’t think you wanted or was even ready for. Sounds grown up to us!

He states, “Being a man, means to walk like Christ. You have to want that change. If you sacrifice, he’ll give you everything you are looking for. When you’re taken through the storm, the only thing you can do is write about it….get your pain off. So I’m going to take this story and change somebody’s life”.

This album marks a new phase in his life and career. Jaheim is signed to a new label which is Atlantic records, but also has recorded his first album without the use of the word “ghetto” in the title. Referring to that, he states, “We took that word and turned it around to be something colorful and positive. There is a lot of talent in the ghetto and giving back to people who never thought they would have a chance is important”.

Good for you Jaheim! Congratulations on all your success!