Raheem Devaughn

“I can remember at a very young age, standing in my mother’s living room, listening to music and saying to myself, I’m going to be an entertainer, it was that simple for me”

.......Raheem Devaughn

After graduating from High School in Beltsville, Maryland (where he hails), Raheem headed off to nearby Coppin State. It was the first day of college that would change the course of his life.

“I saw a group of guys standing outside singing Boyz II Men style. I just went up there and started harmonizing with them. That day I became a member of that group”. After time, the group disbanded, but Raheem continued to pursue his dream.

After winning 2,000 dollars in a talent show at Bar None, a Washington D.C. nightclub, DeVaughn invested his earnings in a CD burner. Several independent releases led to a showcase with Jive Records who then signed him to their label. This spawned his debut album, “The Love Experience”, a well written diary with amazing production and vocal arrangement.

DeVaughn is not just a talented singer; he is also an accomplished songwriter, whose writing is truthful and sincere. His voice goes from deep alto to pure falsetto which is extremely soothing over melodic tracks. Raheem is able to bridge the gap between an older generation of R&B masters and their all too few modern counterparts. “The Love Experience” is not only an album about love, but is socially conscience. Raheem states, “If it were up to me, I would have done a completely socially conscious record. And you know what; you still would be able to dance to it”. When referring to his album, DeVaughn states, “My record is very much me. I want people to get into the lyrical content. I’m a struggling man. I’m just trying to be the voice of people who can’t speak for themselves.”

Right now, his latest song, “You” is one of the most popular songs on WBLS 107.5FM. It’s a sexy, soulful ballad that captures your attention from the first time you hear it. “You” gives us all insight as to what “The Love Experience” is all about. Look our for Raheem DeVaughn….he is certainly one to watch.