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Lotus Theory (PHOTOS)

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Lotus Theory

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Lotus Theory is a multifaceted company that incorporates both mental and physical health services. We believe that in order to achieve overall health and wellness, we have to work with our clients on a holistic level. We are committed to treating our clients as whole individuals with unique needs - providing them with comprehensive emotional, mental and physical treatment in order to achieve sustainable health from within. The Lotus Theory goal is to support individuals with creating a custom fit formula that will help them achieve holistic health and overall balance. Lotus Theory encourages clients to sustain their balance by incorporating everything they love to do while maintaining a total body healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember that the relationship between our mind and body is constant and cyclical. Lotus Theory helps you find a common language that flows smoothly and in turn creates sustainable overall health. 


The Lotus Theory formula achieves comprehensive holistic health by incorporating emotional, mental and physical treatments into a single formula. The formula embodies several different fundamental needs that we can bring into our daily routines and as a result will assist us with leading healthier lifestyles. It is designed as a tool for clients to have the opportunity to create their own unique formula for embracing more peace and balance in their lives and placing them on a path of self-awareness.


Embodies anything that brings you peace and makes you feel calm. This can range from reading a book, hobbies, being with nature, painting, exercise etc. It encourages taking time for yourself.


Embodies taking care of your body in ways beyond your physical fitness goals. Ultimately, finding happiness with the body. Physical movement enhances mental stability and strength while alleviating stress.


Embodies all healthy relationships with family, significant others and life partners. Making time for those who you love and make your heart open and warm. Relationships are a fundamental need we have as humans and as we grow we continue to realize how important and how fulfilling relationships are to us.


Embodies careers, passions, dreams, balancing demands, and facing challenges. Managing conflicts and coping with disappointments.


Embodies finding continuous peace and love within yourself while experiencing life's joys and challenges.


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