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Wait WHAT?! Janet Jackson Might Be Performing At Super Bowl, According to Her Father Joe Jackson

Photo Credit: Fank Micelotta/Getty

According to Joe Jackson, his daughter Janet Jackson might make a surprise appearance during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Who can forget when the pop icon made headlines with her infamous nip slip during her performance with Justin Timberlake? Well Joe believes that Janet is ready to hit the Super Bowl stage.

“Janet is ready to comeback and I think it will happen. The way I bought her up she was made for comebacks and this is no different.”

With Justin Timberlake performing, Joe is quite sure that his daughter will be make surprise her fans.

“Janet always wanted to know she was not banned after what happened before. We know conversations have taken place secretly, but no-one is daring to say too much publicly until contracts are signed.

We must not forget this show is about ratings. No one publicly is going to discuss that, but the world and media know that the NFL are in a sticky place over fans reactions to their players taking the knee and protesting the national anthem.”

He also adds,

“The audience are expecting a show and I feel that they are expecting to see her too. It is what they want.”

Hummm… Joe might be on to something. Thoughts??

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