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Koren Vaughan
with her Mom & siblings
Liz Black and her mom, who love's Bishop Hezekiah Walker's song "Need You To Survive" as their mommy - daughter song Victoria Cantave Fleary
and her mom




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Agena Brown- Simmons

Mommy - I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a mother as loving, caring and wonderful as you. Wishing my mother Dorothy Brown a very “Happy Mother’s Day” May GOD continue to Bless her and us.
(The photo is three generations.  Me, my daughter A’Nyiah and my mother)


Mr Brownville

I was born on Mother's u mom


Sabrina Childs

Mom,  This day means so much to me. To have you in my life, the time I spend enfolded in your love; each day, each moment with you is so dear. I cherish the very special bond we have. You lift my spirit in so many ways. I celebrate your life and the life you've given me; I honor you, and send my love and care and praise. 

I Love You. .....Happy Mothers Day. 








Felica Hood - Keyta Pooh

my name is Yakeyta and I love my mom why beacause she does so much for me and i just want to say thank you and i love you and one reason why i love her because she plays with me i see a happy face and when you make me happy i feel protected by you and some times it make me happy when ur happy. one memory i have is when she cried when i cut my knee and she had to carry me in her arms to the hospital on the bus and i had to get stitches.

Ava Chaplin

Ava, Mama, Jackie and Tony. Mama and her children last year Mother Day









Leisa Brown

Happy Mother's Day!
You know my mom taught to me about believe in myself.  I was about 3-4years.  The most important words she said that day has always stood fast and real in my life.  Those words pierced me and I didn't know what the term pierced meant let alone when you say something pierced you and it wasn't a pin.

My Mom said, "If you believe in yourself, Allah, God will believe in you".  Wow!!!!!!!! I am now 50 years old.   I graduated from Arts High School in Newark New Jersey.  Went to Florida A&M University on a music scholarship.  Graduated with a  degree in Criminal Justice and Music.  Began a successful business, that still exist- Saxagrams by Soft Notes. Went back to school to get my teaching certification (January 2013, Yeah).  I did all this by the Grace of God.  But don't think it was easy.  I had my first and second hip operation at the age of 11.  Since then and as of August 2011 I have had 5 Total hip replacements.

You see, For 39 years I have been suffering with pain.  God has blessed me to not be a quitter.  To Keep Keeping On.  Go back to school and achieve a 21 year dream of becoming a teacher. Yes, Thank you God.  Thank you Mom for teaching me that there is someone greater than I and who Believes in Me.

This is my story.  My Mom Ida Brown


Leisa Brown

Jakinah Lewis

Happy Mothers Day To My Mom Jakki From JC.

I love you very much..

Love Kinah 














Jamila Smith

My mother inspired me in so many ways as a woman and now as a mother myself.  I will always cherish her example and character as a wife, sister, daughter, mother and friend.  Elder Sheila Shivers lives on forever in my heart!  Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven mommy I love you!

The photo attached is my mother at her 25th renewal of marriage vows with my dad.  The other photo is of both my mom and dad together.  God blessed me with two amazing parents who both have led me to know and appreciate the love of Christ.  I would not be alive and saved today without them!  I love my MOM and DAD!

Minister Jamila Shivers

Sharon Freeman



Ethel Ricks

Mom love you, your only daughter, to have six children and 24 grandchildren


Valerie Reed

My mom is my rock we continue to smile
together even  with her Alzheimer's  she fighting touch with all her might. I still share thoughts , music ,and art with her . Most of all I love mom's cooking and because she can't cook
now, she was a restaurant owner ( REED's) in the 1970's .
Now I cook for her , with her wonderful receipts of course!!!

Love you mom always and forever
Your daughter Valerie

Hi, my name is Victoria and in this photo is my AMAZING Mom, Jennie (left).  We are a lot alike in almost every way possible. I remind myself of her sometimes when I speak or even cough, lol. The best Mothers Day moment was when I decided to visit her a few years ago on a Mothers Day unannounced. I was working at a Flower Shop at the time, and I waited on the perfect pink Azalea to come threw there so I could grab it up and take it to my Mom.  When I arrived she was so surprised, and this is hard to do because nothing surprises this woman.  She hugged me really tight and we said our Hello's, after that I walked back out to my car, grabbed this huge hot pink Azalea and gave it to her. She literally almost started crying. I realized right then how much that Azalea plant meant, but also how much she missed me. I told myself I would never miss another Mothers Day.

Regina Bagley



Melvinia Harris

MOMMY, Your my BFF, confident, my strength, my hero, I love you with all my heart, with that said I want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to BEST MOM in my world. –Charisse

Claudia Jackson

Happy Mother's Day! Love you mom! You mom ever!



Stephanie Sims

Hi here is a pic of me and my beautiful mom. I love her more than life.
Happy Mother's Day mom. Stephanie Sims.  







Theresa West

My mom is my superhero! She is a GREAT support system and there is nothing i wouldnt do for her or she for I. We love fine dining and shopping! She is my BEST friend!!





Sandy Taylor

I would like to wish my mother Shirley Redmon a very happy and wonderful Mother’s Day.   Some of my most precious memories with my mommy are from holidays.   We would spend hours preparing and cooking the family meals and listening to Frankie Beverly and Maze on the stereo all the time singing off key and loud.   She taught me that love has no boundaries.   That love can show up in all places and in all faces as long as you are receptive for it.  


I love you mom with the wholeness of my heart!!! 

Amani Keyes-Fortson

Happy Mother's Day!









 Nyshon Green

Happy Mother's day





Shalene Montgomery

We want to say Happy Mother’s Day to our mom Pamela Hueston.  You have raised some phenomenal women and we just want to say thank you, we appreciate you, and we love you. Love Shalene & Raquel







Marcella Gentle

Happy Mother day Mom I miss you Dearley Marcella!









 Rhonda Hall

My mom is the best. Mom I the world cant live out her.


Deshawn Curley

My name is Herbert Smith and Im 21 and my mom was diagnose with breast cancer it will be a year may 3 her last treatment but she still go threw it at times, she still have numbness in her finger and toes and get bad headaches at times  she also going threw reconstructing on her breast I'm just sharing this with you cause no matter what she listen to wbls every morning and sing in the bed my mom is strong and I love her so much and the though of losing her will kill me cause I lost my great grandmother in 2009 then turn around and lost my grandmother 2010. I still do thing for and with my mom she my best friend. I have to go I check her email for her and I'm on her iPad lol and she asking me what I'm doing lol





Sandra Abraham

Everyday is memories for my mom and I we hang and do everything together. We live in the same building, go on vacation every year to Shawnee in the Pocono for the 4th of july, go to bingo. My mom is my very best friend and I love her very much. We are exactly 30 yrs apart.


Opel Hunt

I just want my mother Alberta, to have a bless Mother's Day mom you are my inspiration I love you for being my mom I miss being that little girl up under you at all times I am your  first girl and I let you down maltable times and I,m sorry for that and I asked God to restore your love for me mom I just want to say I always love my momma you are my favorite girl mom happy Mother's Day 

Sincerely ,Respectfully  OPEL Hunt 

Martine Menelas

The three amigos. My mother Yvane-75, me Martine-45, my daughter Cheyenne-19




Tristan Smith

Tristan Smith and my mom Marilyn Smith:

It started out really rough but she finally pulled it together and now I can't imagine my life without her.  She know's me to my core and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Happy Mother's day to the strongest mom I know.


Your Loving Son






Danielle Franklin

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Diane Fisher-Bittings, who taught me as I was growing up, about the necessities of life to become a strong, intelligent, black woman.  She taught me how to gain strength, build confidence, establish independence, love myself, continue to seek knowledge, and how to be a great mother to my own children.  So on this Mother's Day, I just want you to know mom, that though we've had many times of not getting along quite well, we've had many MORE times of expressing love and appreciation.  I don't know what I would ever do without you....I love you. #1mom #BFF 

Love Always,

Danielle (Danie) :-)



Khadijah Morton

Hey, Mom just wanted to say that we may not always see "EYE TO EYE"...But I love you with all my heart & that I know no matter what Im going thru at the moment with you I can still depend on you.

P.S. You know I do a "MOTHER'S DAY" thing for you every year why does it take you so long to figure out what you want for dinner....just don't wait until the day before like you always do LOLOL!!!! smh!! LOVE YOU & HOPE YOU ENJOY SUNDAY

In this picture Me- Khadijah, My Mom- Tracey, My Lil Sister- Danny



Lakeya Shipley

To my Mommy, my best friend, I love you with all my heart! Kisses and Hugs! Kiki










Happy Mother's Day!








Latisha Bearfield

Love Message for the attached picture is.....

Love you Mom and Best Friend!!!! "Moving Forward"





Erica Mitchell

Hey, Hope You are doing Great.This is awesome image for you. I am sure you will love it







Happy Mother's Day







Darryl Deloatchsr

This i my wife Yolanda Deloatch 

Happy Mothers Day .

From her husband  Darryl Deloatchsr.







Bald One


You are gone but you will never be forgotten the love you left here will be here long after I meet up with you from your loving family






T.S. Taylor

My name is Tonisha and her name is Sharon. 

I love my mom beyond words!!! We've been through the worst of times, but we are definitely enjoying the best of times now!


T.S. Taylor





Niecey Gonzalez

Words cannot express how much this woman mean to me! God is good and I thank him for allowing this day (the picture) to be possible. This photo was taken at the celebration for Cancer Survivors one year ago this month. As much as my mother do not like taking pictures, she had a million dollar smile for this one. :)

Best regards,
Niecey Gonzalez of Union, NJ










My mother was an only child from parents who migrated from the south. With very little education my grandparents raised my mom as best as they could.  Most people who had parents from the south and came up to the north primarily emphasized to their children the importance of work. Well my mom as well as my dad were workaholics. However they could not identify with how education was an important factor in life. Well one day I'll never forget I was in the eighth grade and the day of graduation was fastly approaching and my mom looked at me with glee and disbelief. I asked "Mommy what's wrong?  You don't care for the dress I chose to wear for graduation?" Her response was " I can't believe you have made it this far from parents who has so little but will give you the world because of your thrive to strive..." At first I had no idea as to what she meant until she professed the one thing she along with my dad never wanted their children and outsiders to ever know. She revealed her lack of literacy. If it had not been for my understanding or as she put it "my intelligence" there would have been so much misunderstanding and opportunities for people to take advantage of her and my dad that they may had been swindled out of so much in life. My mom has been gone since July 30, 2001 and when this time of year occurs I become envious but yet thankful towards those who still have their mom however they allow me to share in some of their love joy and happiness with their MOM... Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies,  GrandMommies, GlamMoms, StepMommies and Mommies to Be!


Stephanie Bradley 

Hi my name is Stephfanie and I just want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my mom Annette Rios who is not only a WONDERFUL mother of 6 girls ,but also a WONDERFUL mema of 5! On her own she brought a house, graduated from college and is still continuing her education. Mom you was always there and we thank you!!!! MOM WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH....LOVE MIA, ME, BIANCA, ELIZABETH, ANGELIQUE, & JEANNETTE (pic taken Aug 2012 @ my mom's 50th us and her)


Lauren Farnell

I would like to wish our mom Lorraine Farnell a very happy Mother's Day. Words cannot express how much we love you and how grateful we are to have you in our lives. You are our mom, friend, confidant, supporter, counselor, role model, educator and hero. Thank you for all that you do great or small, and for always being there. Simply put-You're the Best!

Loving you always Lauren & Janelle.


Michelle Dunson

My Mom gave life to me, and just 2 months ago I gave her better quality of life by giving her one of my kidneys.

My Mom has always been my only Role Model and continues to be my Hero.