So long! Another Summer’s come and gone!

So as the kids go back to school and the fashions we see on the streets slowly begin to look a little warmer, we say so long to a quite memorable summer.

Politically it’s been a bunch or surprises. As of this writing no one seems to be able to predict whom the next Mayor of NYC will be. The start of the summer looked as if Anthony Weiner would defy all odds and make one of the biggest come-backs in political history. Then more texts and tweets were discovered, elevating other candidates back towards the top. And, in the spirit of forgiving voters, Elliot Spitzer jumped into the race for NYC comptroller and has polled at the top ever since.

The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington drew over 100,000 participants on August 24th, many traveling there from the Tri-State Area to pay tribute to the “Dream” of Dr. King.

There was also the late arrival of summer weather overall. From storms and cold weather throughout the spring, to an almost immediate intense heat-wave that brought us above the mid-90’s for many days, it was harder to plan outdoor events than we’d encountered in several years.

And finally, there was the music. A pretty uneventful summer musically led to a surprise hit that won’t go away. In an exclusive WBLS interview recently with Jeff Foxx and Deja-Vu, Robin admitted he, and producer Pharrell Williams were playing around in the studio and came up with the song in just over an hour. Spurred on by Williams’ “Hey, Hey, Hey” hook, “Blurred Lines” became the most listened to, talked about hit of the summer and perhaps the year. The song gave Robin Thicke his first #1 album and has hit the top of the charts on both R&B, Pop and Urban AC, a true multi-format smash.

Most interestingly, the song continues to stir debate, especially since Thicke recently sought legal protection from the estate of Marvin Gaye as questions were raised about the similarities to Gaye’s eternal hit, “Got to give it Up”. The video for the song didn’t hurt either. Shot on the cheap, looked as if it were done with several iPhone cameras. And, Robin, Pharrell and T.I. dancing around scantly clad ladies looked more like a scene from a VIP section at a club than the usual multi-settings and location treatments music videos generally receive.

Looking ahead to Fall be on the lookout for a much-anticipated new project from Beyonce. Most of the industry thought we’d have something during her super-successful U.S. tour but outside of a tease of a leak or two, nothing official surfaced.

We’re also looking forward to R Kelly’s new CD. Entitled “Black Panties” we can only wonder what the “R” has planned for us this time around. He recently stopped by WBLS which was quite a surprise given he’s notorious for avoiding radio interviews.

Lookout for Fantasia who hits Broadway for the first time this Fall in “After Midnight” a musical celebrating the years Duke Ellington played regularly at Harlem’s famous “Cotton Club”.

Will late 2013 or early 2014 bring anything new from Maxwell? He’s got music, but once again only several snippets have been heard. Jennifer Hudson is also working on a new project and will be warmly welcomed whenever she decides to drop something on us!

Happy listening!