Winter 2013/2014, Gone but NOT Forgotten

Blame Global Warming or just a very bad winter in exchange for the mild ones of the past two years. Either way, this one took us down to the wire. From lack of rock salt to snow-blowers breaking down due to the load required of them. And of course, transit/traffic and flight delays reminded us more of Hurricane Sandy than our usual winters of recent past.

As we move towards a much welcomed (and needed) Spring, here’s a look back at the snow-filled winter of 2013/2014.

  • January 7th 2014 saw a record low of 4 degrees in Central Park, breaking the previous record set in 1896. *The just over 60 inches of snow recorded in Central Park was a lot but still less than the record 75.6 inches recorded for the winter of 1995/1996.

  • From Connecticut to New Jersey, most areas in our region continue to face shortages of rock salt. New York City alone had already dumped over 460,000 tons of the stuff on highways and streets by Valentines Day in comparison of a record 404,000 tons back in 2000/2001.

  • Potholes remain one of the largest issues in winter’s aftermath taking a huge toll on area roads. It may be well into summer (and a lot more flat tires) before many of the worst ones are addressed. WBLS has received continued complaints from listeners frightened to drive their cars for fear of damage to their vehicles from broken streets, some able to swallow a tire and rim whole.

  • Newly sworn in Mayor Bill DeBlasio got quite a welcome to office, receiving the same criticism former NYC Mayor Bloomberg got several winters ago when confronted with unexpected storms the City wasn’t prepared for. And many residents and public figures, including NBC TV Morning host AL Roker, were critical of the Mayor’s insistence on keeping public schools open through all the winter madness. Truth is, kids will probably appreciate not having to make up “snow days” when it’s hot outside and their NJ counterparts are still in class.

  • Does God like NFL Football? Amazingly the closely monitored rare, cold-climate/ “open-air” Superbowl at Met Life Stadium February 2nd proved to be warm (Mid-40’s) and snow-free enough to let the “Big Game” go by without a weather-related incident. However winter resumed it’s assault just as fans tried to fly home in the storm that hit the day after!

Hopefully we’ve reached the end of our winter roller-coaster ride!

Welcome Spring of 2014! Come on in!

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