Woman lost legs because of LI hospital’s negligence, lawyer tells Brooklyn jury

They took her legs and most of her hearing after botching a simple gynecological procedure — but lawyers for the prestigious Long Island hospital being sued for a young mother’s tragic circumstances told a jury she should be thankful for their lifesaving care.

Stacey Galette, 33, nearly died in fall 2009 after suffering blood poisoning and gangrene, which she claims happened when a surgeon at the hospital punctured her colon during laparoscopic removal of an ectopic pregnancy.

She went into cardiac arrest three times during her 73 days in the intensive care unit, underwent a colostomy and skin grafts, and suffered hearing loss due to the powerful antibiotics pumped into her body to contain the raging infection. Both her feet were amputated at the ankle. Then, on the 64th day of her hospitalization, both legs were amputated below the knee.

Despite all of her suffering, attorneys for Winthrop University Hospital claim the single mom should look on the bright side.

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