Lupica: As Bill de Blasio takes the mayoralty of New York City, let's not forget Chris Christie's landslide victory across the Hudson River

This is Bill de Blasio’s New York now, the de Blasio who wasn’t so much the Democratic candidate in this election as he was the candidate of the 99 Percent and Occupy Wall Street and Zuccotti Park. This is a small basement room at the Holyrood Episcopal Church on W. 179th St. in Washington Heights, between Broadway and Fort Washington Ave.

There is a “Vote Aqui” sign on the outside wall, old-fashioned paper ballots to fill out inside. And there is, in the late morning, a slow, steady procession of people from this neighborhood, the ones who believe de Blasio when he tells them that he will be the mayor of them before anybody else.

Matthew Thompson, black, 71, and a retired truck driver, comes walking slowly from the corner of Fort Washington, leaning hard on the cane in his right hand, saying he has walked down here from W. 189th St. to vote for Bill de Blasio for mayor.

You ask Thompson what message from de Blasio resonated the most with him and he says, “Stop-and-search.”

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