Nurse-Family Partnership Program helps first-time moms get through the rockiest stretches

There may not be a roadmap for motherhood, but for a growing number of first-time Bronx moms, at least there’s someone around to help read the compass.

The Nurse-Family Partnership Program gives first-time moms their own mentor, a nurse who visits them at home and helps them navigate the bumpiest stretches. The Visiting Nurse Service of New York sends the nurses, who coach the expecting mothers through their pregancy and stick with them until the baby turns 2.

“Every day, we learn something new,” said Amaryllis Feliz, 23, a teacher’s aide from Bathgate who got pregnant at age 19 and now has a 2-year-old son, Giovanny. “And I think it’s great to have someone there to support you and tell you what’s good and what’s bad.”

Such mentoring is badly needed in a borough that recorded the highest levels of teen pregnancy, teen abortions and teen live births between 2000 and 2009.

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