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Ashley W. Gillett, the vice president of Executive Suittee Professional Women’s Network, is a leader who has vowed to provide women with the resources and tools needed to take control of their lives.  Her passion is to help guide people out of dead-end relationships and to discover their self-worth. 

Ashley has a heart for others, and is a natural leader. She takes pleasure in hosting vision board parties, retreats, and workshops to equip budding entrepreneurs or those making a commitment to having healthy lifestyles.  

She also a singer is currently in the process of recording her RED FLAGS RUN single. Ashley enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. One of her greatest passions is to positively influence the goals and growth of her family and friends. 


Red Flags Run

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About My Book

No car. No job. Living at home with his mother. Sounds like the lyrics to a TLC song, huh? When you first met him, he was fine, dressed all nice, and smelled amazing. He seemed like the perfect happily ever after. As time progressed, you began to learn more and more about him. Unfortunately, the truth only got uglier the more it surfaced. You begin to look at him differently, but you still can’t get up the nerve to walk away. After all, everyone has flaws, right? Giving him up after all the time, money, and tears you’ve invested? Not happening. Well, things go from bad to worse. Finally, one morning, you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t even recognize who you are. Your appearance hasn’t changed much, but your standards are lower than New York temperatures in December. Your heart is broken in four different ways, and the only thought running through your mind is, “I wish I didn’t ignore the signs.”

In the page turning read, Red Flags Run, Author Ashley Gillett shares her too-crazy-to-be-true experiences in relationships. Though the stories are sure to give you a good laugh, the message in this book is clear. When you see red flags, RUN!

Red Flags Run is a perfect mix of irony, great story-telling, and transparency. It is an excellent read for readers who constantly find themselves in compromising situations, yet refuse to see the warning signs and RUN. The author's sassy and spunky writing style is refreshing and consistent through each story. The author is a true story-teller, and her writer's voice can be felt throughout each story. The author provides the perfect amount of description for each scenario. Her clever writing style allows each story to come to life in a way that is enjoyable. The author's transparency brings awareness to not only our relationship choices, but other life choices as well. The author's promotion of self-love, understanding self-worth, and having common sense rings clear throughout each chapter. 

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