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OJ Simpson Thinks Media Attention Will Affect His Parole Release Hearing

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OJ Simpson is scheduled to appear in court one week from today (Jul. 20) for his parole hearing, but he’s concerned the verdict won’t be in his favor if the media frenzy around his possible release continues.

Simpson was sentenced to nine - 33 years in prison in October 2008 after he and a group of friends confronted memorabilia collectors Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Forming inside a Las Vegas casino hotel room to retrieve a handful of Simpson’s personal items that they’ve collected. Juice and his crew left with more than 800 collectible items, many which didn’t belong to OJ. Thus, he was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and other various charges.

After living nearly nine years under the roof of Lovelock Correctional Center as model inmate 1027820, the former NFL player is up for release, but the media’s commentary on his case might hinder the court’s decision to let Simpson go free.

According to Page Six, “the hearing will be held before a panel of four parole commissioners … in Carson City, NV,” and “the Juice will be beamed in via video conference from [prison].”

Former prison guard Jeffery Felix told Page Six, “[OJ] is sweating it over the parole hearing. He’s been told there will be media tents outside, pool reporters in his room and the Carson City hearing room, and cameras sending a live feed to the media outside. He is asking why they are fostering a circus-like environment for his hearing.”

He went on to say, “[He] thinks he deserves his parole — he’s been clean for nine years, hasn’t had any write-ups, took all the programs and classes they told him to take — but he thinks all this media hype is going to screw with the parole board and put pressure on them to keep him locked up. The media still portrays him in a negative light because he was acquitted of the murders [of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman].”

Word on the street is the court expects to announce it’s parole decision the same day as the hearing, which, according to Page Six, “has never happened before.”

What do you think? Will he get out?

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