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Steve Harvey Responds to Media Backlash Over Memo to His Staff [EXCLUSIVE]

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Steve Harvey became a trending topic on Twitter, Facebook, and any other form of social media you can think of, after someone from his team leaked a memo he sent to his staff regarding a new rules about their interactions with the talk show host.

Many began referring to Harvey as a tyrant while finding a myriad of ways to bash him and his brand on Twitter. Today, Steve Harvey addressed the controversy and back lash at 8:41 a.m. EST on his radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Here’s what he had to say.

“The internet is just a space where a lot of cowards can just take a keyboard and write whatever they want to write - out of context,” he began. “We taped our last show [for The Steve Harvey Show] yesterday, in Chicago. The show is moving to Los Angeles. It was a business decision. I’m in a partnership with IMG … and NBC. I’m in a partnership, and the people who put up the money get a say so in who gets hired and how much money gets put up for a budget. Chris Abrego – [co-CEO of Endemol, a television production distributor, and partner of The Steve Harvey Show] – flew to Chicago and told everybody that the show was moving to Chicago in March.”

"I do not apologize for the letter. No! I asked for the same respect [everyone else wants].”

Harvey continued, saying, “Prior to that, I had written a letter to some staff members in August because for four years I had an open door policy and a very approachable policy, but people just started taking advantage of it…I was getting ambushed over and over. I was sitting in the make-up chair and people would just barge in. So at the beginning of season 5, I sent a letter to the staff…no stopping by and popping in my dressing room. No meetings in my dressing room. Don’t come in my dressing room without being invited. Try walking in Oprah’s dressing room, or Dr. Phil’s dressing room.”

Passionate and frustrated with the names he’s been called and the things people are saying, the radio personality and TV host went on. “It became absolutely unbearable for me. It wasn’t mean spirited. I sent it to everybody. I said, if you’re reading this…it means you. I even installed a doorbell in my dressing room because people were just walking in whenever they wanted. It’s really gotten to the point where I’m tired of people saying what they want about me without trying to understand. I’m doing this to create a better life for me.”

"It’s all in the paper like I’m some evil ass tyrant, and I’m not.”

“Chris Abrego went to talk to the staff…but then all of a sudden, it’s Steve didn’t tell us we were moving. I wish everybody nothing but the best. Nothing is forever for all of us. All I asked for was can people just respect my space. But people take my kindness for weakness because a comedian. It’s all in the paper like I’m some evil ass tyrant, and I’m not.”

“I don’t know why I’m a news story … our country is in a world of damn trouble and people are worried about who’s in my dressing room. I do not apologize for the letter. No! I asked for the same respect [everyone else wants].”

He closed his address by saying, “I hate that people are so bitter sometimes…this show leaving Chicago is affecting everybody. The staff here has been fabulous.”

We support you, Steve!

Read the controversial memo to his staff below.

Steve Harvey Memo to Staff

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