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Top 3 Women Empowerment Podcasts You Should Listen To!

Ladies, need something to listen to on your way to work or while on the go? No worries! We have a list of MUST LISTEN to podcasts.

We have compiled a list (in no specific order) of the Top 3 Women Empowerment Podcasts to help empower you to be the best women you can be. Each podcasts contain information that can be applied to your everyday routines all while absorbing information while you relax, work out or in the car.


This 12 part podcast series will help you break down barriers and encourage you to turn the word “No” into a “YES!” Hosted by entrepreneur and media correspondent Miss PhaShunta, she interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers who have taken that big leap to pursue their dreams."Celebrate Hearing No" is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration to follow through with their dreams.


Don’t miss out on this 12 Part Summer Series!! Subscribe here. Follow @MissPhaShunta


Looking for podcast that promotes sisterhood?!  Then Black Girl Podcast is a must on that list! Hosted by Gia PeppersAlyshaScottie BeamBex and Sapphira, the ladies discuss their careers, love, entertainment news, social issues, personal balance, life and so much more! It’s transparent, it’s raw and it’s real!!

After listening to BGP, you will feel like you can conquer the world! Head over to iTunes and subscribe here@BlackGirlPod 


This podcast is a combination of good vibes and good music. The show is hosted by Unique Chapman, the creating force behind this movement. Dear Black Girl highlights the black female creative. Guests are invited to share their stories all while curating the show’s playlist.

DBG is refreshing and therapeutic. Hearing other women share their stories will only fuel and motivate you to continue to push through. Check out Episode 1 and 2 here@DearBlackGirlPod 

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