The writers at WBLS.com want you to be informed about the candidates that are running for Mayor of our great city.  We know that all the information that is out there can be daunting and seemingly lengthy to sift through to get to the facts.  We've done the vetting for you and have boiled the candidates down to their essentials.  

Click on any of the candidates below and we'll tell you the following:

CANDIDATE BIO:  A few bullet points on who they represent, where they're from and why they're known beyond this election

MAIN ISSUES:  Some of the issues that they cover in specific on their campaign trail as they talk to their constituents

MAIN FOCUS:  What the #1 most vocalized focus of their campaign is and what they might best be known to champion

OUR ISSUES:  Three main focuses that our listeners expressed to us through Social Media and via email would affect the WBLS audience the most and what their stances are on EDUCATION, ECONOMICS and COMMUNITY SAFETY




WBLS was present at the Mayoral Debate that was held during Eagle Week at the Eagle Academy in June.  Hear the candidates talk about the issues that affect us all in New York City in their own voices and timber.