★  Independent
★  Former Brooklyn Borough President
★  Appointed by President Barack Obama as the Deputy Assistant and First Director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs
★  Began his career of service as a youth pastor and New York City public school teacher.
★  Became a City Planner and later served as the District Manager of Community Board 5 in the Bronx 
★  Won a seat on the New York City Council in 1997. 
★  He was the first freshman council member in history to be appointed to the Land Use Committee.
★  Served as a member of the committees on Economic Development, Education, Higher Education, Environmental Protection, and Operations. 


Focus his campaign on the 71 percent of New Yorkers who did not vote in 2009…who need their confidence...of New York’s leaders restored.


  • ✓  Economic Development
  • ✓  Job Creation
  • ✓  Affordability
  • ✓  Education
  • ✓  Safety
  • ✓  Transportation
  • ✓  Housing
  • ✓  Health
  • ✓  Parks and Recreation



  • ◉  Acquire, retain, and reward the best teachers in NYC 
  • ◉  Implement a curriculum that meets the 21st century requirements




  • ◉  Will work to reduce commuting times from Queens and Staten Island, and expand Select Bus Service. Better management, smarter use of resources and community involvement are the key drivers.
  • ◉  Focus on community benefits for local residents and realistic profit for the developers
  • ◉  Ensure job-training programs



Community Safety Act:

  • ◉  Wants to fix an element missing from the policy- respect and issue a “beat cop” in place of random officers executing frisks.
  • ◉  Supports inspector general bill