• ★  Democrat
  • ★  Elected official in the citywide office of NYC Public Advocate. 
  • ★  Formerly a NYC council member representing the 39th district in Brooklyn
  • ★  Chaired the Committee on General Welfare
  • ★  Helped pass the HIV/AIDS Housing Services law (improving housing services for low income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS)


 Universal Pre-K taxed by people with over $500,000 annual income


  • ✓  Jobs for New Yorkers
  • ✓  Preparing Students for Success
  • ✓  Safe Neighborhoods
  • ✓  Better Transit for NYC
  • ✓  Income and Food Security for New Yorkers
  • ✓  LGBT Equality
  • ✓  Senior Citizens and Women’s Rights
  • ✓  Recovering from Sandy




    • ◉  As a public school parent De Blasio wants to push for a truly universal full-day Pre-Kindergarten


    • ◉  Offer After-School Programs for All Middle School Students


    • ◉  Ensure All Students are Reading at Grade Level by Third-Grade 

      ◉  Improve Special Education, Lower the Stakes on Testing, Expand Community Schools Model in High Poverty Neighborhoods 



  • ◉  Prioritize long-neglected parts of the outer boroughs; alleviate dangerous conditions that make streets unsafe, and work toward a more efficient and flexible that delivers real choice for New Yorkers all while maintaining being affordable
  • ◉  Build or preserve nearly 200,000 affordable units
  • ◉  Maximize opportunities for development, assist small business, and use CTE programs to build a stronger workforce


Community Safety Act:

  • ◉ Bill de Blasio has pushed for real reforms in stop-and-frisk by organizing communities and calling on Mayor Bloomberg to immediately end the overuse and abuse of this tactic
  • ◉ He has called for new leadership at the NYPD, an inspector general, and a strong racial profiling bill