✮  Republican

✮  Was the City's Budget Director in Mayor Giuliani's first term and Deputy Mayor for Operations during the second term

✮  In 2011 and 2012 Lhorta was Chairman and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

✮  Investment banker for 15 years following the Giuliani administration

✮  Held executive positions in the Cablevision Systems Corporation and the Madison Square Garden Company

✮  Is a current trustee of the City University of New York.


Transferring control of bridges and tunnels from the M.T.A. to city government.


✓  Jobs and the economy
✓  Education
✓  Public Safety
✓  Government Efficiency and Fiscal Responsibility




◉  To prepare students for college and the 21st century economy

◉  Support choice and charter schools



◉  Wants to build more affordable housing in New York

◉  Will put bridges and tunnels under the purview of the mayor. He's advocated for expanded ferry service. We have to stop using the bridges and tunnels as a cash cow to fund the LIRR." Lhota

◉  Wants to elevate the standard of living by providing an environment conducive to job creation


Community Safety Act:


◉  Supports the Community Safety Act policy but thinks that cops should be given more training before enforcing the policy

◉  Lhota does not support the bill in regards of having an inspector general. Says the plan is “reckless and dangerous” and that it would “handcuff” the department