"Mob Wives: Chicago - Fight Breaks Out At The Party"

Mob Wives: Chicago returns to us this week with more craziness. Before I get into all the drama though,  I have to point out that I think it’s really endearing,  that Nora wants to keep memories of her deceased father alive. This episode, Nora is still on a wild goose chase to make sure that it was actually her father Frank “The German” Schweihs who was buried in the casket years ago.  A couple of episodes ago we learned that Nora’s father was confiscated by the FBI once he revived to his funeral. YIKES. To lighten the mood though, Nora decides to go to a wine making class and create a vintage in honor of her dad. As entertaining as this was to watch, I couldn’t help but remember that I will also be honoring my own dad for his birthday this week that also passed three years ago. Even throughout the chaos it’s nice to see these women honor family, that much I will give them.

Moving along; I assure you if you’re a church goer on Sunday’s this show is not for praise, and worship. These story lines are so intricate, and sometimes these women are downright evil. In the midst of all the drama, and cattiness from last week, we saw that Nora and Pia were now fighting, because Nora accused of her doing special favors as a stripper. (BLANK STARE)  Pia then lets the world in on the fact that Nora is a two faced, because at one point she was actually a stripper too. LOL. Although I’m sure the audience can’t see it, but hey she was. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. On the other side of town Renee is still angry with Nora as well for all the drama, with her being late to her father’s memorial. So wouldn’t it come as a surprise that one of these women Christina would want to throw a party; to have all of these women and their gripes in the same room? Ughhh Yes.
The party finally arrives and what a great ice breaker than two have Christina wait for Nora and Pia to be in the same room and ask “You need to tell her why you are mad”, provoking Pia if she wasn’t thinking about approaching Nora. So Nora chimes in and asks why is everyone talking about her in the third person, only for Pia to boldly come out and say” no we’re talking about YOU”. I swear a lot of this stuff reminds me of my old days in Junior High school. Christina you might as well be the girl who instigates who will throw the first punch in the lunchroom fight. So at first we assume Nora is being the bigger person by deciding to leave the party, since Renee the person she has the bigger beef with hasn’t arrived. Everyone however including the friendly hosts Christina, is left wondering if Nora is just running away out of fear. Let me ask again does anyone think Christina wants to see a dog fight because I can see this coming a mile away?

As Nora leaves the party, Renee arrives wondering why Nora has completely fled the scene, making it hard to provoke her, like she really wanted to do at a PARTY CELEBRATION, I might add. Of course instead of partying like what usually happens when someone goes to a party, Pia and her discuss what has been the conflict involving them for so long. Renee tells Pia, that Nora has been talking about her to her from the beginning. Let’s not forget that I believe Renee had an issue with Pia way before Nora; for being a stripper anyway!!!! So Nora saying anything really wouldn’t have mattered.

The highlight of this party is the fact that Nora returns to the party. I really couldn’t understand why she returned, but as she did I couldn’t help but wonder if Nora just wanted to prove she was actually not afraid. I mean literally you were out of that place, before the fire really started. Just as she returns a confrontation erupts with her, and Renee. As we all have seen in the past; Nora is really one for great insults as she told Renee in their last argument, “I hope you lose your daughter”. Well this time she shocks us all and says “Your father raped you everyday”. Firstly why was that even part of the argument? And secondly were these two ever really friends to begin with? I can’t even imagine me telling anyone that in confidence and it getting out, but with Mob Wives you never know. We can all guess what happens next, fists go swinging... Till next time … See next you Sunday..

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