"Hollywood Exes - Season Finale"

It has come to the end of the reality road for our Hollywood Exes. The ladies are tying lose ends, and saying good bye to the past. The most wonderful thing about this show was that the ladies managed to keep their hands to themselves and their dignity intact. There was no real cattiness, even though small drama may have ensued.

Throughout the season, we found out that Sheree and her pastor husband Terrell were actually in a long distance relationship. Terrell had been trying to convince Sheree to move permanently to San Diego to be closer to his ministry and family. Sheree was highly opposed to the move to the point where by the final episode she ends up buying Terrell a Harley motorcycle to buy herself more time. SMH.

Andrea decided to finally erase R. Kelly’s tattooed name off of her back. Umm hello! You were dating with that on your back hon? Well she got it removed and it now says Robert Junior, named after her son.  When Mayte comes to console Andrea, for removing such a monumental piece out of her life, she realizes Mayte may have some things she needs to erase as well.  Mayte needed to do away with the Prince memorabilia that had taken complete space of her home in order to make room for new. Sheree decided to go ring searching with Nicole to assist her new fiancé on what he needed to be purchasing now that she’s finally ready to get married again. Nicole and Sheree get into some heartfelt feelings about the fear of losing themselves in a marriage again. The ladies both decide their old marriages may not have worked but they both love diamonds however. AMEN.

Jose Coneso tries to get back into Jessica’s life AGAIN. Jessica is torn because she doesn’t know if she should let Jose make another entrance into her life, with no guarantees, knowing that he has been unreliable in the past. Jose definitely has her and her daughter on a roller coaster ride, and I hope Jessica will find the strength to finally get off of it.

The ladies decide to come together and participate in Andrea’s dance ensemble for her domestic violence benefit. Andrea vigorously prepares for her event for domestic violence, and although she is nervous she is excited about the message that she is sharing with so many lives. Rehearsals are gruesome, as Andrea is a perfectionist but when she goes to do a difficult piece in the rehearsals, Andrea falls and injures herself. Although the pain is immense Andrea decides the show must go on. Even though Andrea wanted to push through; the pain is obviously so rough, that Andrea could barely put weight on her foot. Andrea had broken her foot, and there wasn’t’ going to be a dance. Even without a dance though Andrea offers her support and encouragement from the audience, and is highly impressed with the final presentation.  It didn’t hurt either that Nicole’s friend made a surprise appearance, Mr. Johnnie Gill. Why did I think that was Eddie Murphy’s friend for a long time though? Anyhoo….

In the end the ladies nail Andrea’s dance benefit, and do an amazing performance. The conquering of the performance is a symbolic symbol of how far these ladies have come from coming out of the shadows of their exes. They realized finally that they were way more than just someone’s ex-wife. For more celebrity news, and gossip check out www.lypservice.blogspot.com; How did Usher Raymond get custody of his two kids? Read on… http://lypservice.blogspot.com/2012/08/tameka-raymond-loses-her-children.html

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