"Tamar & Vince - Tamar's First Showcase"

Tamar is ready to do her showcase, and she’s excited to show people her new music. First things first they are choosing dancers for the show. Lashaun has been chosen to be a judge, and he is not too comfortable watching men thrust their bodies around. The dancers have their shirts off and Tamara is excited that this will be showcased behind her on stage. Unfortunately Lashawn who felt like Tamar was a little bit too turned on by the dancers went and told on Vincent  umm LAME; she was just having fun!!!
Vincent and Tamar decide to take the stress out of preparing for the showcase and fly to Las Vegas for the day with their friends Lashawn and April. What is wonderful is that Tamar talk s about how great their relationship is doing since going to therapy. Lashawn and April think maybe they should be attending therapy too now; since their picture perfect relationship isn’t always so perfect. I’m convinced all relationships can be trying and it’s all about how much it’s worth it for you to work it out. Vince surprises Tamar and wants to renew their vow which was very sweet; they even had an impersonating Elvis show up to marry them off. Of course in Vince and Tamar fashion Vince got little a upset that during the vow exchange Tamar put an emphasis on “for richer or richer”. Overall it was a very sweet gesture, and hopefully this is a new beginning for them.
Tamar has to rehearse and we all know Tamar can be a little sketchy when it comes to rehearsals lol. Tamar has an issue keeping up with remembering the words and her dance routines. OHHHH.  Vincent feels like Tamar is a great talker but he wants her to win;  Tamar doesn’t feel like Vince is all the way confident in her.  The day of the showcase comes and Tamar is super geeked about her performance but she hated the chair she had to perform with. Everyone was freaked out trying to find a replacement, because Tamar felt the chair was Star Search looking. I wasn’t sure if it was nervousness but the chair issue was real small considering she had to prove herself to everyone in this showcase.
In the end a chair was purchased before the show and put together for Tamar, but before the show started Tamar had a hole in her Suzie as she calls it lol. Finalllllly after 90 minutes of waiting to sew her pants together she performs. Tamar performed “Love & War” and after hearing the reviews online yesterday the song is an absolute hit.  She also performed “Hot Sugar” which was a great song and Tamar nailed her dance routine.  The season is now over and in Tamar’s words “She did that”. Can’t wait to see them next season!!!

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