"Real Houswives of Atlanta - Cynthia & Peter Renew Their Vows"

We’re back with Housewives Of Atlanta and I’m going to jump right in. Kenya what were you thinking asking someone what two friends they would let their husband have a pass with as a birthday present???HUH. You looked out of order and classless hon. I was waiting for Phaedra to tell her off last episode, but Phaedra FINALLY subtly told her to calm down and take a few steps away from her husband. Everyone was so in awe about this that Nene decides to just ask Kenya if her and Walter’s relationship is real. The question seemed warranted because clearly she’s not really happy with Walter. The day before she had been flirting with a man from the hotel, she also had been grinding on Cynthia’s husband Peter and now this. Nene who does not bite her tongue seemed anxious to get to the bottom of why this relationship just didn’t seem authentic. This obviously holds some truth because just last week Walter himself let the hat out of the bag on a radio show: http://lypservice.blogspot.com/2012/12/walter-jackson-kenya-moores-rhoa.html

Since Peter and Cynthia’s wedding ceremony wasn’t really a happy beginning he decides to re-do the moment in Anguilla. After letting the ladies know what his plans were, he rallies the guys together to discuss him and Cynthia renewing their vows, right before Nene’s husband cooks dinner for the crew. Everyone is talking about the intimate moments they have been having or not having when Walter pulls Kenya to the side to tell her that Peter is renewing his vows. (Confused Face). Kenya was so shocked because she had thought this trip would have finally made Walter marry her, but he tells her about another wedding. This is so weird, Kenya is begging this guy to marry her and this relationship doesn’t seem to be it at all. I think we all have been in this seat at a time or two, I know I have.

Cynthia decides to have the women go to the spa and what would this moment be without the women discussing each other.  The women start talking about whether Walter and Kenya are a real couple. Kenya seemed to get a little embarrassed and annoyed that Nene was calling out what was obvious to everyone else; that this man is not into her. Nene feels like she’s not hating on Kenya, she just wants to tell the truth about how she perceives them. After the spa the women get dressed to get ready to surprise Cynthia so her and Peter can renew their vows. I thought this was a special moment because she really didn’t know and Cynthia was so stressed at her wedding last year, it was a great improvement from that experience.  She was so surprised and it was all so sweet when they read their vows, I was in tears.

After the wedding the women get together to have a women’s night cap and Porscha decides to start talking about how her impression of Kenya is different on this trip than when she first met her. Why would Porscha want to rehash the moment about the charity event when you know Kenya doesn’t really like you but had just been tolerating you on this trip. (Shrugs). When Kenya refuses to engage in the conversation Porscha calls her a non factor. WHOA. From that moment on it turned into neck rolling, name calling, and craziness. If it weren’t for Nene I can only imagine what this would have been like but I’m not surprised because Kenya already is a ticking time bomb. Its bad enough she still is waiting for Walter to marry her, and now this woman is slurring insults about her. Kenya ends off the night by saying she’s fabulous, and she’s gone with the wind. …………… Till next time. For more celebrity news check out: www.lypservice.blogspot.com