"Basketball Wives: LA - Drama In New Orleans"

This time on Basketball Wives: LA, Brooke is launching a lingerie line called “Touche Moi” and she gathers the ladies to try on the merchandise, which includes dishing about how much of a friend she feels Draya is not.  Malaysia also lets the ladies know that she is now interested in doing charity work and what better way to start than traveling to New Orleans helping out with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Draya and Bambi decide it’s a good idea, and they both are in; even though these two are still not all patched up.  Draya tells the ladies unfortunately she couldn’t go to Brooke’s King Magazine celebration because of personnel reasons with the director of the shoot. She finds out that Brooke is launching a line from the ladies and gets slightly annoyed that this wasn’t shared with her. Of course this is probably stemming from their fall out over the King shoot but Draya wants her to let it go. She feels like Brooke needs to get off her back, and get over herself; it’s not that big of a deal. Yikes.

It’s Laura’s birthday and the ladies get together to get primped with manicures, make- over’s, before the birthday party.  The only person who is missing is Draya, and Bambi tells the ladies it’s because of the situation with Laura being two faced with Jackie.  Nobody understands why she even cares, when she doesn’t really care about how badly things are going with her own friendship with Brooke. Bambi who doesn’t bite her tongue decides to tell Gloria she wants to slap her face, for telling her to stay out of the Jackie and Laura situation. This all lead back to the incident at Draya’s all white party, when everyone was jumping on Jackie and Bambi was the only one who came to her defense.  Ummm Bambi I don’t think that was the right occasion and when did they add her to the cast? The truth is Bambi really didn’t have a clue who Jackie had been last season, and who she continues to be throughout this season. Gloria who is never one to back down tells Bambi she’s trying to act all “Compton” but she’s ready to fight if need be. How ghetto? I don’t even understand how this escalated. Why at Laura’s birthday celebration though? Malaysia doesn’t feel it’s disrespectful; she stands by her friend, but now the party is cancelled and all the ladies leave. Ugghhh ghetto!

The ladies arrive in New Orleans and Draya discusses how she found out through the grapevine that Gloria got married. Brooke brings up her friendship with Draya, but at this point I’m over it. It’s clear that Brooke you care more about Draya than she cares about you. Once again Malaysia wants to figure out how she’s going to patch this friendship back up. Jackie however wants to grab her popcorn because for once she’s not part of the drama. LOL. The importance of this trip though, is that finally one of the ladies sees the importance of their platform and how they can help the larger community. Gloria and Laura join the ladies for the dinner party before everything and Gloria confirms she is now Gloria Barnes. Even though the ladies wanted to be a part of it, I kind of get why she wants all of them out of the mix. It’s obvious these friendships are more ficticious than presumed to be. Bambi who was sitting at the table as they toasted for Gloria’s new marriage, leaves the table to go mingle downstairs and of course Malaysia chases her back.

The chaos and pettiness of this team of women is crazy. By the end of the dinner, Malaysia ends up leaving and just asks the ladies to be ready in the morning to start their charity work. In the morning the ladies start working with Habitat of Humanity to start painting new homes for the victims of hurricane Katrina.  Classic Jackie however is on the other side of the house running back and forth with stories coming from everybody’s mouth. Unbelievable. Bambi is definitely a force to be reckoned with as she’s threatening to slap Gloria, and basically doesn’t want reconciliation any time soon.
For the remainder of the show Bambi continues to rant about Gloria and how she’s been sleeping around in the music industry and is a RAT. WHOA. Finally Jackie now has a team of people who aren’t arguing about her. This may even cause a division in the group so let’s see how this all pans out. See ya next time…

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