"Real Housewives of Atlanta - The Girls Visit L.A."

The women were all invited to Nene’s vacation rented home so she could finally show them around in Los Angeles. Nene’s rented vacation home was beautiful; “The New Normal” must be paying well. Since the women had a five hour flight to Los Angeles even though they were scheduled for a dinner party at Nene’s they took their time getting there, and when they arrived at almost midnight Nene was more than upset telling  the women to LEAVE.  SMH. Nene reminded us that although she was now living in Hollywood Hills she is still hood, and she wouldn’t be disrespected with people wasting her money preparing a dinner party that they were late to. Did you agree? I don’t know. Greg did however bring them some take home cheese plates. LOL. Although most of the ladies had unresolved business with each other it was interesting to see them all getting along at that point. Let’s not forget Kenya was still going to be pursuing her “Stallion Booty” video, and Phaedra was still moving forward with the “Donkey Booty” video.                  
Kenya decided to take the women to an Improvisational theatre class to have some fun learning about acting. Nene interestingly showed up really late, and didn’t get a chance to do improv. At that moment she probably understood how it felt to be late, and thrown out with cheese as an appetizer. Lol. Nene then took the ladies to Paramount Theatre to see where she currently tapes the show “The New Normal”. Seeing all the different scenes for shows was very fun for the ladies. I was quite impressed with Nene because coming from being a star of “Housewives Of Atlanta “to now having her own trailer was pretty amazing.  
 The women went to dinner and everyone realized Porscha wasn’t drinking the entire trip. MMMM was someone pregnant? In true drama fashion the women started being catty and started probing Phaedra and Kenya about the dates of release of their booty videos.  Phaedra refused to answer any questions and I don’t blame her. LOL. These women are so funny. Kenya also decided to reveal that she was over with Walter; I mean this was not a surprise to any of us. Porscha, who really doesn’t like Kenya, told everyone that Walter was invited to her husband’s party a week before of course forgetting to invite Kenya. Kenya got infuriated and stormed out of the room, but boo Porscha isn’t your friend, were you surprised?  Porscha knew this would push Kenya’s buttons, and she loved every minute of watching Kenya cringe.  The ladies are scheduled to Las Vegas I wonder how that’s going to go?
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