"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Walter's Back"

This time on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" - after all the lack of drinking and pickle eating Porsha wanted to find out if she was pregnant.  After going through the excitement of taking a pregnancy test it was sad to see Porsha break the news to her husband that she wasn’t pregnant. It must be hard to want to conceive but feel like you and your husband are not really on the same page on whether you want to be a mom or a career woman. Kordell didn’t really feel like Porsha was ready for motherhood at all.  I will say this, when I speak to most of my friends who are moms, career and motherhood is definitely a task. I don’t understand though why Kordell wanted her to choose whether she wanted to be a mom or a career woman when she can do both.  The ladies felt like Kordell may have some control issues, and he is a bit outspoken but it works for Porsha. The great thing is that Porsha doesn’t ever have to work a 9-5 like most women who are moms. I say go for it.

The general theme of the night was how everyone kept inviting Walter Kenya’s ex to all their events. Peter was having a Men’s Health event for the guys and of course WALTER was on the guest list. It’s clear that these women knew Kenya wouldn’t be happy with him being at the events.  Kenya decided to bring a former NFL player to Peter’s event, with a smashing dress to show she had no care about Walter (NICE JOB). Walter however was a couple of tables away, and before he left the party the guys decided to pick his brain about why he broke up with Kenya. I may not think Kenya is all the way there, but Walter calling her a senior citizen as if he’s some spring chicken, classless. Why Walter would talk about a woman he dated for two years, is just so low.  Kenya also told the ladies that she was having a costume ball and wanted all of them to come including Phaedra who she decided to bury the hatchet with. SMH. Group gatherings don’t prove to be the best thing for these women but they keep doing them.

As if the Walter fiasco wasn’t enough at Peter’s event, he also was invited to Kandi’s housewarming with a date. WHY???. SMH. Its one thing to know your ex is going around town talking about you, but to have that ex at every event you go to with your supposed friends. I’m so confused about the intent of why Walter was now in the circle.  Kenya, who wouldn’t let Walter get away with bad mouthing her, was now going around town telling everyone Walter was gay. How interesting though that Walter made sure he brought a woman friend to the party, to cover up those details. Lol. In the end Kenya stormed out of the party, which honestly I didn’t blame her for. Till next time…
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