"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season Finale"

On the season finale of the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”, Kenya's Hollywood costume gala turns out to be the ending to any chance that we might have thought she wasn't a drama queen. Last time as we remember she asked Porsha to come as Halle Berry from the movie “BAPS”, for the portrayal of monumental characters from popular movies in Hollywood. I wasn't sure how this character signified anybody monumental in Hollywood but Kenya wanted all of us to believe she was being genuine. When Porsha showed up as Dorothy Dandridge, Kenya, in usual fashion lost it, and tried to play the role of the victim as usual.
Last week most media outlets confirmed that Porsha’s husband Kordell had filed for divorce and last night we got a chance to see just how much their relationship was unraveling in their therapy session together. Kordell didn't seem that sensitive to Porsha's emotions about losing her baby, and he didn't seem like he valued a woman having her own mind at all. Porsha might have been feeding into his chauvinistic ways most of their marriage. I am still not certain what caused Kordell to file for divorce abruptly supposedly without her knowledge but I'm sure we'll find out soon. It was interesting because the season started out with their marriage seeming picture book perfect, but as time went on Porsha didn't seem happy with how her husband communicated with her emotionally. They say reality TV can either make your marriage stronger or not.
As Kenya prepares for her party, she stages a real life re-enactment for all the characters the women have been assigned to play. Nene was assigned Grace Jones in the movie "Boomerang", Kandi was Tina Turner from "What's Love Got To Do With It", Phaedra was Eartha Kitt from "Cat Woman", and lastly Porsha as Halle Berry in the infamous "BAPS".  SHADEY. Unfortunately Porsha decided that she wasn't going to follow the rules because she didn't signify the character and she knew Kenya was definitely being spiteful by suggesting that character for her. Kenya becomes infuriated that Porsha didn't follow the direction of her party theme and had her escorted out by security! First off Kenya, you really need to grow up. We all know you did that purposely and to try to convince us that you did this because you thought it was appropriate is why we all kind of think you are over the edge. In the end Kenya's plan backfired because the rest of the ladies decided if Porsha was going to be kicked out they would be leaving the party too. When the ladies convince Kenya how ridiculous and childish this all is she apologizes and Porsha ends up staying at the party. She's good because I would have definitely departed. The whole thing was out of a movie, exactly what the point of her party was. SMH.
Will Kenya and Porsha ever be civil, and smooth out their issues? I don't think so. Was Porsha and Kordell's marriage not as perfect as it seemed? Probably not. Stay tuned for the reunion next week.
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