"Braxton Family Values - Papa Braxton's 65th Birthday"

Last night on “Braxton Family Values” it was a lot of laughs with the ladies continuing to make plans for throwing their father Papa Braxton his 65th birthday party. Although the ladies were happy to be celebrating their dad’s birthday, they weren’t excited to be in the company of some they call “ratchet” family members who have talked about them and their lives like dogs. Traci who is usually the first one to finish the drama when it begins in the crew decided maybe purchasing a gun would be the solution. LOL. Just as predicted the day of their dad’s party the ladies were less than happy with their family. When their Aunt Bev got up to give a speech she mistakenly called their mother a “baby mama”. The ladies felt quite insulted that after being married for 35 years to their dad, even though they are separated,  that an aunt would have the nerve to refer to their mom as a “baby mama”. Yikes!                  
Mama Evelyn had been having some difficulties with her health so she was in Atlanta hospitalized. When Tamar and the ladies took a visit to see their mom in Atlanta Tamar acted like a huge germaphobe, and wanted to wear latex gloves so she wouldn’t catch anything anywhere. The ladies had been quiet concerned about their moms health for a while, and Evelyn didn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as she should. Back in L.A, Toni Braxton also was dealing with some mental frustrations with her music career so Babyface through Towanda’s instruction made a visit to his former artist. Babyface explained to Toni that the appeal of her music before was her pain, and allowing her fans to connect to that pain which she hadn’t done in a while. I believe that Toni did try to fit more into mainstream music than saving her authenticity as an artist. She definitely changed from what we loved and admired about her. Sometimes artists have to stop just wanting to be successful and just make it more about the music.
Traci decided to take some gun safety classes because she was really serious about purchasing a gun for what she says is for SAFETY!! Nobody in the family thought it was a good idea for hot tempered Traci to be carrying a fire arm and Toni felt like her mom needed to be informed about Traci’s new desire. The ladies also came to the agreement that it may be time for Mama Evelyn to be monitored and move to Los Angeles. Maintaining their mom’s health, and watching how she is conducting herself health wise was definitely important. They also began the process of their mom seeing a nutrionist, and taking on some new exercise habits. Towanda tries her hand at accompanying her mom to a Zumba like exercise class, where she felt like the instructor wasn’t really qualified, and it ends up being more comical than serious.

With Mama Eve and Toni against Traci’s desire to buy a gun will she really go with it? Find out next time!

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