Braxton Family Values - Trina's Big Performance

This time on Braxton Family Values, Mama E has moved to Los Angeles and is now living with Tamar. Evelyn wanted to be there for Tamar during her pregnancy and I think that’s the sweetest thing. Her mom being there for her reminded me of my mom, and how crazy she would be when I have a baby. Since Tamar is a baby herself she was requesting Mac and cheese, and fried, smothered, or baked chicken right away. LOL. Trina started rehearsals to debut her new single “Game Time” at Toni’s show. Since Trina wouldn’t get her dancers to do the show Traci and Towanda stepped in to do the dance routines. Ummm last I remember Traci couldn’t keep up with dance moves but she tried. Since everyone was in town Mama E suggested that Tamar take a parenting class, with Tamar being so clueless about motherhood. Instead of fashion, and music Tamar was now going to be discussing pushing out placenta’s and post partum lol.

Practice was underway for Trina’s song debut at Toni’s show and nobody knew the dance steps with the show being the next day. Toni wasn’t really excited about Trina’s idea of pom poms being in the show, the whole routine was off, and Toni was anxious about this not looking good at HER show. Watching Toni imitate Trina walking like Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” was the topper of the night. The night of Tamar’s parenting class her concern was that she hadn’t seen her “purse” in a few months, and how painful the baby would be coming out of that purse lol.

Trina talked to Towanda about moving to Los Angeles and she was pissed. She couldn’t understand why her family was slowly migrating to the West and leaving her in the South. I’m almost certain Towanda will be in Los Angeles with her family soon. The day of Toni’s show, she was so nervous about whether Trina could pull the performance off. At the final hour Toni decided to cut one of Trina’s songs, to only include an old song, and she was pissed because debuting her new song was very important to her.

Toni’s performance went off without a hitch. Toni is definitely a great performer and this is what the fans truly want. Trina’s performance however was good but of course Traci messed up a few of the steps as usual but it was all in fun. Till next time!

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