R&B Divas - More Drama

On last night’s epidode of “R&B Divas”, Syleena was ready to bring her new fitness boot camp to life; however the DVD wasn’t done to sell yet. The interesting thing was that Nikki Gilbert was the reason! Supposedly Nikki wouldn’t sign for clearance on her participation in the DVD. Drama. Faith was dealing with leaving the work life of being a part of the R& B Diva’s to get back home to her children in Los Angeles. With her kids getting older Faith couldn’t afford to stay in Atlanta, she had to get back to her teenagers. Faith was really emotional about leaving, but it was something she had to do for her family. Angie Stone decided she was going to step up and be the voice of reason for the ladies. I didn’t see this coming at all.

Angie Stone’s TV sitcom was green lit, and she’ll be staring in her own show. I thought that was good since Angie had been in the business for so many years. Angie being so much of a team player invited the ladies to be a part of the reading for the TV show. Since Nikki refused to sign the DVD clearance, Syleena ended up meeting up with her lawyer. What is the issue? Was Nikki really trying to tank Syleena’s project by never signing. Nikki is such a piece of work. Unfortunately Syleena ended up having to reshoot her video and spend more money to do this all over again. WOW.

When Angie had her table read for her sitcom, the air was thick as Nikki and Syleena weren’t even speaking. I had no idea this conflict with the women had gotten so serious until then. Angie’s entire reason for involving the ladies was to bring the ladies together, and her efforts to bring the women together may have seemed like she was trying to be everyone’s mama , but she was actually really positive. As much as this is a great opportunity for all the women, with the little conflicts, touring and being able to co-exist seemed not existent. Keekee especially didn’t want anything to do with it. Angie tried to meet up with her to discuss what she could do to make this happen, but Keekee was more interested in her own solo career.

The ladies decided to sit down to discuss some of the issues that have been going on; and we all know what that means - DRAMA. Keekee opted out of it, and a part of me didn’t blame her. Nikki decided to address the issues with Syleena, and it went into the involvement of her sister in the group. Nikki was still upset about the press release being sent out by her sister without the women’s permission. After the pow-wow the tour seemed further into the distance than ever. Instead of Nikki being focused on trying to make peace to get the tour on the road, she was actually busy trying to put her original group“Brownstone” back together. I have to say, I was shocked because where is Nikki’s focus, is it the ladies of R&B Diva’s or her own thing. Till next time, for more celebrity info please check out www.lypservice.blogspot.com.

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