R&B Divas - Where did the love go?

On this week’s episode of “R&B Divas” the ladies were very proud of what they heard at Syleena’s listening party. There were good vibes all around until Angie started with her girl talk.

Angie caught the Divas up on how much of a disaster her one-on-one with Nicci was. Doubts about putting money into Nicci’s foundation started bubbling because Angie believed the foundation had yet to be established. Not only did Angie second guess putting her money in, she also doubted getting up on the stage to perform with the ladies for the charity event.

Monifah invited Keke, Michael and Nicci over to discuss those issues. Nicci chopped it up with them to clear her name and went off like a firecracker to lay things out. She finally did admit that it was not all about the charity but about the reunion of Brownstone as well.

Thank goodness she cleared that up because Keke was looking quite confused since the start of the episode.

Monifah asked Terez for a final answer on moving to Atlanta during a trip to Terez’s hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The answer was an “absolutely not” …unless Monifa said “yes” to the ring she pulled out next, which she did. Congrats to them!

Things went a little rough when Monifah spoke to her daughter about the proposal. Although she understands that Akemi does not agree with homosexuality, it still hurt her feelings that she didn’t get the celebratory reaction she wanted.

During preparation on the day of the charity event, Nicci does exactly what she says she will; turn into “Super Bitch.” After a sound check disaster she stormed out when Keke asked her a simple question about the mics. The show went on and Keke and her brother Keever kicked things off and brought the stage down. However, Brownstone’s performance didn’t keep up … at all.

The ladies set up a surprise birthday dinner for Keke. You could tell by her signature animated reaction during her commentary video that she appreciated it. I live for the character Keke brings to the show. The mood of the night changed when she started to turn things up at her own birthday celebration by confronting Angie on the things she said about Nicci.

The grand finale of a truck load of expletives being censored across the table was between Syleena and Nicci when Syleena designated a special place in hell for Ms. Nicci.

Will the R&B Divas patch things up?

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