Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - The drama continues

The Drama continued last night on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and started with the mess between Mimi and Nikko.

Mimi decided to find out what brought on Nikko’s attitude in the last episode after Karlie told her she received a text message from him trying to reach out to her. I guess bringing her ex-flame to her new boo’s video release party seemed to be something completely normal to her. Things between them seem to be pretty much done since the conversation ended with Mimi’s signature nose-to-nose confrontation.

Stevie J is still holding on to his player status. He met with Joseline to apologize for how things went down. Before he could hit her with the first “Stevie J face” the “Puerto Rican Princess” was just as Stevie said, “putty in his hand.”

Later on in the episode Stevie, Mimi and their daughter, Eva, went for a walk in the park. Eva is a very smart little girl. When Mimi asked her what the problem was, she said, “Joseline.” It’s probably only a matter of time before Mimi makes another U-turn back into Stevie’s garage. Eva got part of it right.

Rasheeda had another chat with Deb Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment and Waka Flocka’s mom, to talk about the rift going on between her and Kirk since she had told him she’s pregnant. Kirk shows up at her video shoot to try and shut down her use of the account. After he tells her he’s taking her name off the account she held her ground and dared him too. Rasheeda let him know that he’s failing as a manager and a father. She definitely made sure to mention that his days as her manager are soon over. Could they soon be over as a husband too?

Traci stepped out on a nice horse-drawn carriage date with a new guy. I may be wrong, but I thought first dates were about getting to know each other, not grilling your date on how he cheated on his last girl, Traci. However, the date ended on a very good note and he treated her like a lady.

Scrappy ran into trouble while being on probation for possession of marijuana and firearms. His parole officer put a warrant out for his arrest when she didn’t accept the urine sample and he left the building. Surprisingly, who did he call when he got a message from his lawyer to stop in? Yes, Erica. Momma Dee wasn’t too happy to see her walk into the room.

Ariane invited Mimi and K. Michelle to join her at a church service for support after losing her grandfather. As soon as they left the service she decided to use the time to try and reconcile the difference between her two friends. K. Michelle gave Mimi a heartfelt apology. One that Mimi did not accept. Regardless, the two were grown enough to understand that it wasn’t about them but about supporting Ariane during her time of grief.

Karlie had her grand opening for her hair store “Champagne and Weave.” Yes, I said, “Champagne and Weave.” Nevertheless, the grand opening was beautiful and well put together … until the ratchetness commenced.

There’s a lot of mediating going on this season and it’s always at the wrong places and times. Traci invited Shay and Erica to Karlie’s grand opening, but as soon as Erica spoke her piece Shay forgot to leave the hood at the door and went off instead of handling things like an adult.

Shay had a lot to say for someone who wasn’t even on Scrappy’s speed dial when he ran into trouble.

Love & Hip Hop wouldn’t be what it is unless the episode closes out with at least one fist flying.

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