R&B Divas: The Reunion Show Part 1

On part one of the “R&B Divas” reunion, the Divas sat down with host Joe Clair to air it all out. Not surprisingly, Faith wasn’t in attendance as she hasn’t really been seen all season, but she was sure to leave a video message.

Angie showed up with her own personal white board to censor herself for the reunion. She pulled out oils when she first joined the show so we shouldn’t be surprised that she comes included with props.

Terez made an appearance to talk about her proposal to Monifah. The newly-engaged couple told everyone that the wedding, which they have yet to set a date for, would be small and intimate. Monifah said she shared the conversations with her daughter purposely to show that you don’t always have to agree with each other to love each other.

Keke apologized to Angie for the things she said (after she told everyone her mother slapped her and told her to). However, the ladies still couldn’t agree with Angie trying to instill her “first class and a coach mentality” in them.

Since Keke didn’t want to speak on what she believed the root of all the drama was, Nicci took the floor and explained that she felt as if the root was that “The Wizard” wanted to see them fight over the tour instead of rehearsing for one. I wonder if we’ll ever find out who that is.

Keke tried to make an attempt to fix things between Syleena and Nicci, which failed. The conversation was shut down and didn’t get too far. There seemed to be a lot the Divas didn’t want to discuss.

Joe Clair brought up the DVD fiasco and Nicci objected to keeping quiet about the subject. She spoke her piece to clear her name after sharing that her mother was being approached about her actions on the show. Nicci gave the play by play on what went on from the time the work started and on conversations with the videographer, Marcello. The reason she didn’t sign off on the DVD was because of an issue with Marcello, not out of hate for Syleena.

Syleena responded with her side of conversations with Marcello and, of course, the stories didn’t completely match.

To Joe it seemed like the problem wasn’t between the two women, but with Marcello. I’m going to have to agree.

Next week Sheryl Lee Ralph will take the chair on the second half of the reunion show and we may also get an answer about an R&B Divas tour.

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