Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Relationships on the rocks

Last night on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta", K. Michelle and Mimi met up at a restaurant so they could talk things out. They both admitted their wrongs and by the end of the conversation it was all jokes and giggles. I hope they can keep their friendship above water, but something tells me that K. Michelle’s recent companionship with Joseline might drown it sometime soon.

Joseline confided in K. Michelle and told her how she felt about her and Stevie’s relationship. Her patience is wearing thin with the relationship and she feels like she’s being played as a side chick. Did she finally catch up to the rest of the world? Now, she wants Stevie to wife her. It doesn’t seem like love is the main reason she wants a ring. It seems like she’s just trying to prove to everyone that she’s not on the sideline.

When Joseline went to the studio to talk to Stevie about how she feels, he couldn’t even fix his mouth to say, “I love you.” That’s who you want to marry, Joseline? To other women that would be a sign to run far away. He does, however tell her she has the crown and that she needs to give him some time before he decides to purchase a ring. Sounds like typical “Stevie bull” just to shut her up.

Traci had a chat with Shay about the way she acted during the grand opening of Karlie Redd’s hair store. It seemed like their friendship could be over because Traci didn’t accept Shay’s apology for spazzing out on her.

At an event that Traci and Drew were both asked to DJ for, Traci decided to bring her new man, Shaun, and introduce the old to the new. Drew’s reaction was full of jealously, which made it clear as day that he wished he was the man (back) in Traci’s life.

Drew invited Traci to dinner and spilled all the beans. He was pulling chairs out and everything before he told her that he’s the one she should be with. The age old “I was young” excuse didn’t even seem to reach Traci’s ears. I applaud her for that. The standing ovation came when she blocked his kiss like Chris Bosh in the last seconds of game 6.

Scrappy spends his final days of freedom with family and had to sit his daughter down to tell her he had to go to jail. Scrappy turns himself in with Momma Dee and Erica by his side. They watched as Scrappy was taken away in handcuffs. Erica is left, yet again, to raise Emani by herself for some time.

Kirk finds himself at a lake cabin with Benzino, Bobby V … and a bunch of women. With those women rubbing and kissing on him in the hot tub he remembered how good it felt to be able to do his own thing. He obviously found his quick fix to the troubles in his marriage as he walked up to the room with two of those women and closed the door …

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