R&B Divas: LA - A whole new set of divas

It’s not over for R&B Divas yet. The premier of "R&B Divas: LA" aired last night and it looks like this season will be a good one. Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson (from EnVogue), Lil’ Mo, Michel’le, and Claudette Ortiz (from City High) are ready to share their lives with the world.

Lil’ Mo seems like she may just be the true Diva of the show. She made sure to remind us that she “lived at the top of the charts” in the 2000s and that she came in the business as the godmother of Hip-Hop and R&B. Her break is over and she’s ready to take it back to the top.

I’m sure it was a shock for those who aren’t too familiar with Michel’le when she introduced herself. Her squeaky voice definitely catches people off guard and might have made you attempt to adjust the sound on your TV set, but her powerful singing voice was probably the true jaw dropper.

Kelly brought the ladies together to talk to them about the open mic series that she was working on in hopes of bringing R&B women of her generation back together and giving unsigned artists the opportunity to share their voices. The ladies were excited to join Kelly in her new venture. Even though Claudette was apprehensive since she had not performed in a long time, she decided to partake also.

Lil’ Mo and Chante went shopping for the event and Chante opened up about being newly divorced from Kenny Latimore, who she was married to for 10 years. Chante doesn’t have a man at home anymore, but she is open to date …without the commitment.

Since Claudette is new in town, her and Dawn decided to keep in touch. The two went out to lunch to get to know each other. In getting to know each other Claudette opened up to Dawn about what happened with City High. The abusive relationship she experienced with former member Robbie and the failed 11-year marriage she had with Ryan, the third member, brought her to California to start anew.

The open mic event came together beautifully and Lil’ Mo even went ahead and took everyone to church. Claudette didn’t show any signs of nervousness. Who are you trying to fool, Claudette? We remember how much talent you have, girl. It was great to see how much everyone admired each other’s performance and fed off of each other’s energy. It’s good that they’re getting along … for now.

Kelly was so impressed with her performance and brought her over to meet the rest of the new Divas. Already, Kelly had something up her sleeves for the group, but didn’t reveal what it was. Nevertheless, they all put their trust in her and were all game.

In the next episode, Kelly reveals that what she wants is for the ladies to be a part of a monologue she’s been thinking about. Is this going to be reminiscent of the Atlanta cast’s messy tour attempt? It looks that way.

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