R&B Divas: LA - Life in a monologue

Yesterday on "R&B Divas: LA", the ladies celebrated Chante’s birthday together at a dinner party Kelly threw for her. Kelly and Claudette threw down. The dinner table looked like it was straight out of a Red Lobster commercial. In the middle of dinner Kelly revealed the idea she had was for the Divas to put on a monologue telling the stories of their lives. The idea sparked conversations about their personal lives and they decided to title the project the “Not Ya Mommalogues.”

Kelly’s project inspired the Divas to bond and open up to each other about the good, bad, and ugly things they’ve been through.

Michel’le and Dawn swapped stories at the spa, but because of how similar their stories were, they didn’t have to swap much at all. Both women were in physically abusive relationships and marriages where two and three babies were had … that weren’t their own. Seems like perfect content for those monologues.

Lil’ Mo and Claudette had a play date for their kids and we got to see how difficult it is for Claudette to handle having a career and raising three kids on her own. Then it seemed to turn into ex-husband day for Claudette and Chante.

Ryan met up with Claudette and proposed that they start working on some music again together, but a previous bad experience working with Ryan and her feelings toward him left her reluctant. He apologized for abandoning his parental duties after the divorce and admitted to his wrongs. It seems like they could have a really good relationship.

Chante had dinner with Kadeem and they had a good talk. She told him about the monologues and then … asked him for some dating advice. They seem to have some pretty decent ex-husbands … for the most part. Later on Chante found out her most recent ex-husband, Kenny Latimore, was filing for full custody of their son. She took Claudette’s advice and channeled those emotions into the taping of her video.

The Divas supported Chante at the live taping of her new video “Jesus, I want you.” By the time she was done, there wasn’t a dry eye in that church. Sang, Chante.

Let's see how much longer their bond stays strong. I have hope for this group.

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