Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Who's going to get married?

Last night on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Kirk and Rasheeda talked about their situation, but because of how hostile Rasheeda was, Kirk started to second guess whether his relationship was worth fighting for or not. It’s mind blowing how he thinks she shouldn't take what he did as seriously as she’s taking it. Ever since he went out with his “free pass” Rasheeda has seen a lot of displeasing pictures of him in the blogosphere and it’s only adding fuel to her fire. She played no games when she reminded him of how the money would be split in a divorce when someone commits adultery. I bet Kirk woke up when she told him she wanted to file for separation. Girl, you have all the evidence you need. Rewind the tape!

Kirk told Benzino what went down and after basically telling him “I told you so,” all he could do was direct him to a good lawyer.

Benzino met up with his ex-flame Karlie because there was something she needed to talk to him about. Homegirl straight up hit him up for cash to get another boob job done because she found out her implants were leaking. Benzino, you’re a good (or crazy) dude for saying yes. Mimi also went under the knife to get some work done on her boobs … thanks to Stevie.

Stevie was up to his tricks again and tried to get on Mimi’s good side (and clearly closer to that “lettuce”) by handing her a bag of money. Where they do that at? After nursing Eva (for three years) she decided to do something for herself and make the “puppies” sit right again. She definitely can’t give those back like the keys to that Benz.

Erica declared that her and Scrappy were at war and hadn't seen or spoken to each other since the fight at his party, but when Scrappy met up with her he knew he couldn't stand to be mad at her. He told Erica about him soon checking into rehab, and then we all got to see the side of Scrappy that we love. He owned up to all of the stuff he has put her through over the years (including his disrespectful mother) and told her she didn't deserve any of it, which brought her to a few tears … and there was something else. While he was in rehab, he wanted her to think hard about the idea of getting married to him again. They have a lot of things to work on, but I think they may be made for each other. Speaking of engagement …

Joseline dropped some money and two plane tickets to Puerto Rico on Stevie for them to go out there and shoot her first video. Joseline isn't playing around with taking things into her own hand. After the video shoot was all wrapped up, they went out and she dropped something else on him … a proposal. I’m dying to know how this plays out on the finale next week.

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