R&B Divas: LA - Will I Marry Me?

Last night on “R&B Divas: LA”, the Divas took a trip to Vegas with Kelly to support a youth arts program, Broadway in the Hood, and supported their production of “Dreamgirls”. They took the time to share a few words of inspiration during the play’s rehearsal, but on the night the curtains were opening Kelly was nowhere to be found. It was a disaster of an experience for the ladies having to represent for someone who didn't even show up. What made it worse was that out of nowhere they were asked toward the end of the show to sing and fill a part of the show they expected Kelly to be there for. They scrambled and pulled it off together, but saved their words for Kelly.

The next morning they found out Kelly caught a flight to go scout for her open mic series. She could have let them know instead of leaving them in an awkward position. Come on, Kelly. However, this is why I love the ladies of “R&B Divas: LA,” instead of turning it into a catfight, they dealt with it and focused on the positive outcome of that night.

Dawn was still dealing with the trouble of figuring out how to tell her story. The idea of being vulnerable was making her nerves shaky about the monologues. Given her past and her present troubles—worrying about her biological clock ticking with only two eggs left—I can see why she’s having the most difficult time with this. Chante had an idea to help all of the ladies to start dealing with all of their trials.

Chante told the ladies about her book “Will I Marry Me?” and it inspired her to ask the ladies to join in holy matrimony ... with themselves. She arranged the dresses and reserved the chapel for the ceremony. It was a very real and emotional experience to go through, but a healing experience as well as they made vows to themselves.

Great idea, Chante. It made me want to go ahead and write down a few vows to myself!

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