L.A. Hair - Where Is The Chill Button?

Last night on "L.A. Hair", China asked Kim to work her magic on her hair for a photo shoot she had coming up. Kim and Dontay get to work, but when the person she can’t stand, Anthony, stepped in to help things got a little fiery.


Anthony kept pushing buttons and pounced on his opportunity to give her a taste of her own medicine by throwing a lot of disrespectful comments her way, but he seemed to not know when to stop. Leah, the shop manager, had to pull him aside and tell him to hit the chill button.


Kim finally hired a receptionist for the office … with no prior experience, but the new hire, Jose, was a believer in the “fake it til’ you make it” method. What she really hired was eye candy. The ladies (And Anthony) definitely approved of their new coworker. Let’s see how long he lasts.


The day of the China’s shoot came around, but first her and Naja had to prep their client, Vivica Fox, for the very same shoot. Naja arrived to the set on time; however, China strolled in over an hour late and saw nothing wrong with it. Not only was she late, she showed up with the wrong hair and after Vivica sent her back to the store for the right one, she stepped out again because she couldn’t fine her bondage glue. While she was M.I.A., Naja opened her mouth and told Vivica that it seemed like she was more concerned with the fact that she was shooting right after her.


Vivica sat like a ticking time bomb in her chair. All it took was China’s attitude-laced, “You rang?” directed toward her to bring on the fireworks. Ms. Fox did not play and tore her to pieces about her lack of professionalism. Before she left the set, which she was kicked off of by Vivica, she made sure to undo all the work she put into the hair she was styling by running it under water. Girl, first you ruined a job for yourself as well as Naja and then you pulled that?


It seems like China needs to share Anthony’s chill button.

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