Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Life Partner Gang

Last night on the finale of “Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta,” Stevie didn’t say no nor did he say yes to Joseline’s proposal … but he still put the ring on. When Joseline kissed his ring and called him “Daddy” it seemed like a velvet fedora and diamond-encrusted pimp cane would have been the perfect fit for him. Erica and Ariane stopped by Mimi’s to tell her about the “engagement” and she was not fazed by it at all. According to Mimi, while Stevie was in Puerto Rico with Joseline, he sent her a text telling her to not believe everything she will hear. Does he know they’re not together anymore?

Stevie and Benzino discussed his “Smash Da Homie” song, which featured a pretty good Joseline look-a-like in the video. It was an awkward moment of clearing the air, but Stevie broke the tension by bringing up his “engagement,” which he referred to lightly as his “Life Partner Gang.” Obviously, he didn't take the engagement seriously.

K. Michelle broke the news that she was picking it all up and moving to NYC to move forward with her career and her life. Before she left, Karlie decided it was her turn to play mediator and see if K. Michelle and Rasheeda could apply some glue to the cracks in their friendship. It may not have been completely mended, but they were able to apologize and move on from that. K. Michelle has come a long way in how she handles things.

At Rasheeda’s place, the ladies went over to have some drinks and help get the nursery together for her little boy and update each other on what was going on. She told them about her plans for a separation and Erica let them know that although Scrappy asked her to think about getting married again, the date on their relationship may have expired.

Erica went to visit Scrappy in rehab and he had difficulty finding his words at first, but he soberly expressed how he still felt about Erica. Erica took the ring off of consignment and admitted she did it out of spite. It was only when she handed it back to him that he realized how late he was. Are we still crossing our fingers for these two?

Stevie sure knows how to play with fire (and hearts). Joseline arrived at the beautiful setup he had going on with a white grand piano and champagne glasses. A few minutes later Mimi arrived as well. He gave Joseline a ring, which made her believe the engagement was official—although he didn’t respond when she asked if it was—until he turned around and gave Mimi a ring too. What?

We’ll find out where everyone is with their lives on the reunion. This reunion is about to be turnt up!

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