L.A. Hair Recap - Spread Your Wings, Girl!

Last night on “L.A. Hair”, Kim took the crew to see Chaka Khan perform in Vegas. While out there, they made over two women from Chaka’s foundation that she honored during her show. It was a shock to see them work well together without any problems. They did an amazing job and Chaka gave their work her seal of approval.

Angela finally came back from Thailand, where she was working with her client, Rita Ora. China turned a little green with jealousy as Angela was telling Dontay and Anthony about her trip. Everyone else greeted her return with a little frustration because of how she left them high and dry to juggle her clients.

Kim approached her about it after seeing that she’d returned. Anthony and Dontay warned Angela to not say anything to Kim, but she did and her sass only aggravated Kim even more.

Leah pulled her in the back to talk about her disappearance and Angela’s water works started as she explained how she felt under-appreciated, especially by Kim. However, Kim was provoked by what she was overhearing—finding everything she was saying about her to be BS—and spoke her mind about it. Speaking her mind turned into an argument between the two and Angela packed up her stuff and walked out for the day.

The next day Kim had a one-on-one conversation with Angela (with a level head). She apologized to her for blowing up and told Angela she was very happy for the opportunities that are coming her way. However, Kim realized that "L.A. Hair" was not the place for Angela to be and decided to let her go.

The upside of it was that Anthony finally got a chair back and will no longer only assist with other’s clients, but Anthony was not happy to see his friend go.

Something tells me that Angela was too ready to spread her wings.

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