R&B Divas: LA - It's showtime!

Last night on "R&B Divas: LA", during a visit to see where their monologues will be performed Lil’ Mo received a text about the "Not Your Mama's Monologues" … that Kelly and Dawn are still doing. Shady! Lil’ Mo was the most hurt of all because of her close relationship with Kelly, but the Divas didn’t let it affect their show and kept it pushing. One of the last rehearsals was kind of messy. With the clock winding down, things were still unorganized and it looked like the Divalogues were not going to hold up. On opening night, nerves were through the roof. Claudette started to really feel out of her comfort zone when it came to the monologues. Out of fear of sharing her dark story with a theater full of strangers, she said last minute that she may not do her part in the second act. However, she still got on stage without fear or anxiety and told her story about how her "worth was broken" at the age of 14.


It was a full house and the ladies pulled off an amazing show. They dealt with their attempted suicides, rape, love, and at the end of the show gave eulogies for their pain and received a standing ovation when it was time for the curtains to close.


Good job ladies! Now, I wonder how the "Not Your Mama's Monologues" went …

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