R&B Divas: LA - The Reunion Show Part 2

The final part of the “R&B Divas: LA” reunion show aired last night and just like the first part, it was very interesting.


Fred said that he was relieved when Kelly and Dawn left the monologues after Kelly got all hood on him. He was glad that he could focus clearly on making the Divalogues turn out as it did.


Kelly did a lot of denying. Chante claimed she was told that Kelly didn’t want to film any scenes with her. Kelly denied it and said she was told the same about Chante. She also denied having a straight edged razor when she was pulling those “props” out the bag … even though she did say she had one in that episode.


Regardless, Chante was not letting go of the fact that she didn’t believe those were props. She also made a good point in saying that if Kelly didn’t feel negatively toward the other divas, as it was portrayed on TV, she would have made that clear and tried to make amends when the cameras weren’t rolling, which she said never happened.


There were some more things that Wendy got a couple of the ladies to reveal about their lives. Wendy ran a clip of Kelly’s performance during her monologues, which told the story of how she was molested by a family member as a child. Lil’ Mo realized that it seemed like what Kelly had been through resulted in how defensive she is today. It was a realization that Kelly agreed to 100%. Even though she admitted to being defensive toward the women, she was still able to prove she had love for them by hugging each of them and individually telling them what she loved about them. Could you feel the love? Michel’le also revealed some more about her abusive past.


Wendy asked the ladies about their plastic surgeries and Michel’le said she got her nose done because at one point Dr. Dre hit her so hard that he broke it. Believe it or not, Michel’le said that Suge Knight never put his hands on her. Suge Knight seemed like a bit of an angel compared to Dr. Dre. Who would’ve thought?


Before the final show was over, Kelly dropped the news that she was going on tour with Dawn, Brownstone, Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt and Chante. Things got a little awkward when Michel’le said she was confused because she believes she was asked, but no one ever got back to her about it. Nonetheless, the other Divas said they didn’t hold a grudge for not being asked to join.


Now that the first season of "R&B Divas: LA" is wrapped up, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s a second and if Kelly will decide to be a part of it.


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