Tamar & Vince: Tamar takes her special guest on the road

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” Tamar was committed to keeping up the hard work until the baby was born. Her promotional tour was in steady motion.


During one of her performances in Jacksonville, FL, Tamar wanted to play “Hot Sugar,” but as a businessman and her “husbanger” Vince still refused to play the record like she wanted. You can’t just be playing unreleased records all willy nilly, girl. That record is too hot to give away. He did decide to play it during a small appearance and the room loved it.


She was still working hard at keeping her pregnancy a secret and almost got tripped up during a question and answer session when someone asked when she was going to have a baby.


Hiding her “special guest” didn’t mean she could hide her appetite. Vince, Tamar and Lashawn went to dinner one night and she went to town on the menu. A fork war started when Vince tried to stick his fork in her food. Who taught them to be so cute? Pregnancy is the perfect time to indulge in whatever foods you want to because you can always give the “eating for two” excuse, but Vince was cramping her fun.


Vince wanted to make sure she watched herself before he had to deal with her complaining about still holding the weight too long after the baby. He had a point there. Save yourself, Vince.


After the bus tour they decided to officially announce her pregnancy. She was happy to finally take that pressure off after she announced it on Good Morning America with her sisters.


All of the touring and interviews were done and they went back to LA to start moving into their new (beautiful) home. Lashawn was already asking when they were going to have other babies to fill up the rest of the house. They both shut down that idea.


He tried it.

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