Tamar & Vince: Let's get down to baby business

Last night on “Tamar & Vince” the couple tied things up in New York on their last trip before the baby was born.

Tamar went shopping with Terrell and her stylist Diandre for the trip and Tamar was not having fun when they started picking out post-baby outfits when baby Logan was still posted up in her.

When Tamar & Vince got to New York they got to work on a promotional shoot—which Tamar believed was a shoot for her album that they didn’t want her to know about. Being photographed with her pregnant belly exposed, in tights and heels, while having to be sexy was not her cup of tea. The whole thing felt “ratchet” to her. It did get a little hood when she started poppin’ and shakin' it, but it was still a laugh watching her need her team’s help to cross legs and change positions.

They finished up interviews and meetings in The Big City then made their way back to LA to focus on the baby and getting ready for his arrival. Tamar & Vince made another visit to their child birth class and when they were told that Tamar couldn’t have a valium, that the epidural had a chance of not working, and that a catheter comes with an epidural, it was like “Nightmare on Elm Street” for her. Sidebar: Vince always looks so stressed when they’re interviewing them about the episode. Poor guy.


The next order of business was to start interviewing nannies and … there were some very interesting candidates. One woman was straight out of South Central. I really hope there were better candidates off camera for baby Logan’s sake.

Hopefully right now Logan is far away from any of those ladies.

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