Tamar & Vince: It's baby time!

Last night on “Tamar & Vince” the couple had their last round of fun before their little bundle of joy joined the party.


They decided to do a pregnancy shoot but the vibe wasn’t as warm as it should have been. Tamar got to working on Vince’s nerves so he went into his shut down mode and didn’t even want to kiss her during the shoot. I’m pretty sure that’s not how the shoot was supposed to go down. Things turned around when it came time for the baby shower.


Vince put in a lot of work and the “Backyard Boogie Baby Shower” that he put together turned out beautifully. It looked like the ultimate big kid’s party and Trina showed up dressed the part in her pink onesie pajamas and her lollipop. If she didn’t have the most fun, then it must have been Traci after all those cocktails she had. Traci was on ten.


After the shower Tamar & Vince headed to Atlanta to have the baby. Tamar developed preeclampsia during her pregnancy so her doctor advised that her labor be induced. On the way to the hospital, Tamar wanted to take her last ride with her husband to have those last few moments together as just the two of them. It was a bit of a somber ride because Vince was feeling the absence of his parents and Tamar’s dad called to say he wasn’t going to get to the hospital until the next morning, but she had tons of support with her nonetheless.


Tamar’s mom, Evelyn, and Toni were by her side when she got there. Once all of her sister’s arrived it turned into a party until the frustration of no dilation after 22 hours of labor kicked in. Mama Bear was not in the party mood anymore.


So, Evelyn kicked everyone out so Tamar could get some rest and Vince sat beside her to make sure she was as comfortable as she could get before those contractions started taking over.


Next week Tamar & Vince share the first moments of Baby Logan’s life.