Tamar & Vince: Hi, baby Logan!

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” after a day in labor Tamar finally started dilating.


Tamar’s dad made it to the hospital with his excuse being that he didn’t want to fly and instead took his corvette for a road trip. Well, at least he made it.


She was happy to be dilating and wanted the baby to hurry up so bad that some strange “Tamar logic” kicked in: She wanted to turn down the epidural so she would feel more pain, which she thought would speed up her labor. That couldn’t have been the same woman in the last two episodes asking for all the meds she could have.


Tamar had a moment during labor when she was scared that all the meds she was taking was going to hurt the baby. She made a rushed decision in that moment to have a c-section so the baby could arrive safer, but Vince talked her out of it and encouraged her to keep going.


His words worked like magic because a few hours later she was freestyling to the sound of the baby’s heartbeat and Tamar’s sisters started a dance battle to help keep her mind off the pain. Toni was getting it with all that krumping!


She had a room full of family and friends including Tiny, Toya & Memphitz in the room to support her and keep her encouraged.


The camera crew was kicked out and “Traci cam” took over when it was time to get to pushing. Tamar had been pushing for about an hour and when all the family left the room for a little while so Tamar & Vince could have a moment … out came beautiful Baby Logan. Great job, Tamar!


Tamar was elated to have her son in her arms but was confused and upset when she didn’t have that instant connection with Logan that she had heard other women speak about.


It was so cute to see Vince so happy to be holding his son. The new daddy’s protection went into overdrive when it was time to take the baby home. He wanted Tamar to make sure Logan’s face was hidden until they made it back to the house, but when she took the blanket off after they got in the car and explained that she wants to protect him as much as he did they started getting into it.


So soon?