Tamar & Vince: Back to work!

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” the ride back from the hospital was tense. Still a little ruffled about the cameras and worrying about covering the Logan’s face, Vince denied he had some “funky tension” toward Tamar, but it was clearly there.


The first few days of being home (well, Evelyn’s home) with the baby, Tamar was so happy that she started up a discussion about possibly having more kids. I think she was right; it was all of the meds still in her system that was talking and not a fully conscious Tamar.


While Evelyn watched the baby, the new parents met Terrell for some drinks and after Tamar had her first cocktail in months, she stood up and did a praise dance in the middle of the restaurant. I know that felt good. In contrast to Vince and his ruffled feathers in the beginning of the episode, Tamar & Vince had a beautiful moment where they told each other how much they appreciate each other and how they’ve changed each other’s life. Oh, Love!


When Logan turned a couple weeks old, Vince, Tamar, Logan, Evelyn and their pup, Miracle, hopped a flight back home to LA. Momma Evelyn got settled in her beautiful guest house that Tamar was hoping to have her stay in until the baby was five, however, Evelyn didn’t quite agree with that length of time. Momma wants to spread her wings soon!


Tamar got back to work and had a fitting for her album photo shoot, but what her stylist didn’t understand was that she just had a baby … and her body wasn’t the same yet. A size two was not going to be still a size two fresh out of delivery. Poor, Tamar. Why can’t anyone get her fittings right? During the photo shoot, she wasn’t comfortable in her post-baby body, but she compensated by giving the camera “over face.”


With the help of her mother, Tamar decided she was going to start working on her post-baby diet. It was evidently going to be a task because when she walked in the house hungry she asked for cookies and chips objecting to healthier foods. Baby steps.


We got to glance inside the new Gucci-carpeted closet that almost was a disaster in earlier episodes. Trish, the closet designer who helped her out, was able to get Tamar to give away some shoes and find a place for all her “kids” to sleep comfortably.


Baby Logan got to put in some work too and got glammed up for his first photo shoot for US Weekly. Somebody find Logan some W-2 forms!


Back in the studio with songwriter/producer TC, Tamar tried to figure out what should be the next single to go out. It was a month before the “Love & War” was to be released and the race to make sure everything was in order had started. As an artist, Tamar wanted everything to be perfect and make decisions that would produce great outcomes. She refused to let go of creative control like she did on her first solo album, but the pressure of making sure everything went right this time around started weighing heavy.

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