Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Parenting Take 1

Last night on the premiere for the second season of “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” their family had grown a tad bit. Jim’s adorable 10-year-old son, Pudie, moved in for the summer and the couple had begun their parenting teamwork while he was there … but Jim was off to a rocky start of holding up his end.

During their go-kart racing trip—yes, Jim Jones and Chrissy were whipping it around the track and were having a blast while doing it—with Pudie, Jim slipped it to Chrissy that his son wanted to stay with them for the summer. Chrissy thought Pudie was a great kid and didn’t have any problems with him staying, but her apprehension was whether or not Jim would step up and take on the responsibilities of having his son in the house full time. It wasn’t looking good that first morning when Jim didn’t get out the bed to get his son up and ready for camp.

While doing some yard work with his son, Jim thought it was a great time to school Pudie on the rules of the house and, essentially, how to keep Chrissy happy. It was a good attempt at giving him some responsibilities; however, some of the things he told his son to do were things Chrissy asked Jim to do.

After that father-son talk, the second time Jim left Chrissy to wake up his son, Pudie was already up and in the kitchen making his own breakfast—he even made her a couple waffles because he wanted to make her happy. He’s such a sweet kid! Over their kid-made breakfast, Pudie and Chrissy talked about those chores Jim gave him to do. She caught on to her fiancé’s slick little trick.

Where Chrissy and Jim were lacking in the drama department, Mama Jones was sure to compensate. While grocery shopping, her friend Sassy told her about some scandalous rumors she heard about her and her ex-business partner Freddie. Mama Jones said the rumors were false and decided to have a talk with him to set things straight.

When Mama Jones met up with Freddie he had this whole romantic picnic laid out for the two of them. Freddie had roses, strawberries, candles … the whole nine! I’m not sure how serious Freddie was pulling this one out the bag, but when Mama Jones pulled out her taser she let him know that she didn’t want to play those games, especially with those rumors swirling.

This family thing that Chrissy and Jim have going on is really cute. Are we looking forward to seeing Pudie bring more moments of fun out of his dad and future step-mom?

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