Tamar & Vince: Who wants all of this baby weight?

Last night on “Tamar & Vince” all of the baby weight that Tamar gained was really getting to her.

Vince spoke with Tamar about shooting the video for her single “The One.” The catch was that he wanted her to shoot it before the baby was born and although she was against it, Vince gave her no choice. He tried to make a bet that if the video turned out good, he won’t have to hear her mouth for 6 months. You might have needed to pray on that, Vince.

At the wardrobe fitting for the video, Tamar was still vocally frustrated about her weight gain. Her stylist and creative director were getting all they could out of her frustration by cracking jokes as she tried on outfits. You couldn’t help but feel a little bad as she pouted the whole way through.

The end result of the video came out great and she looked fabulous after all of that
worrying, but I’m pretty sure Vince won’t be able to cash in on that bet.

Tamar & Vince started their baby registry and did some shopping for the baby. I’m going to have to dap Tamar up and agree with her that Vince might have a bit of a shopping problem. After Tamar rested her feet for a few minutes, she went back to Vince on his spree checking out high-tech strollers … that close themselves with the touch of a button!

Before baby Logan made his grand entrance, Tamar set aside some bonding time with her sisters and mom in a hotel room. They surprised her with a belly cast kit, but before she showed them her stomach she warned them about how she ended up with “two belly buttons” since her pregnancy. Now, you know that when a story starts off with, “What had happened was …,” it's not a good story.

It was a messy project and, of course, Tamar made that known. They took advantage of waiting until the cast was started to tell her she couldn’t move for 30 minutes while it set … then they all left her there to go eat in the meantime. Poor, Tamar. By the time they came back she looked like she was ready to claw the first one she could reach … especially when they realized Trina made a mistake and read the directions wrong. She was only supposed to sit with it for a few minutes.

With their special delivery about to arrive, the new parents squeezed in another birthing class before they left for Atlanta, where they were going to have the baby.

In next week’s episode, it’s off to Atlanta they go!